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Texas federal jury convicts Los Zetas cartel drug supplier

June 17, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas federal jury convicts Los Zetas cartel drug supplier

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Reymundo Villarreal Arelis who is an alleged leading supplier for the Los Zetas drug cartel and their one-time partner, the Gulf Cartel, was found guilty of multiple drug trafficking and money laundering conspiracy charges in federal court in the U.S.

Court records revealed that Reymundo Villarreal Arelis, and his brothers, were the leaders of a family narcotics supply chain that controlled the flow of tons of cocaine from Guatemala, through Mexico, into McAllen, Texas.

The drugs eventually ended up in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, and parts of Florida and North Carolina.

Jurors found Villarreal Arelis guilty on one count of conspiring to possess with intent to distribute five kilos or more of cocaine and one count of conspiracy to money launder earlier this week.

Reymundo was convicted on federal drug trafficking charges (San Antonio Express)

Villarreal’s crew, Los Piojos or “the Lice”, has been smuggling of cocaine since 2000; originally with the Gulf Cartel and ultimately with Los Zetas, Breitbart Texas reported.

The group was headed by Villarreal Arelis and brothers Juan “Juando” Villarreal Arelis and Gilberto Villarreal Arelis, who is considered a fugitive. In the case, 14 individuals were convicted–including 12 relatives of Villarreal Arelis.

Former Mexican drug lord Óscar Nava Valencia aka “El Lobo” or “The Wolf” testified during the trial how he worked closely with Reymundo Villarreal Arelis and his family to smuggle large quantities of narcotics into the U.S.S

Prosecutors said he millions in drug profits made by Villarreal and his family were laundered through various methods, including the purchase of over 50 quarter horses. The group used the race horse business to launder some of the money made from drug trafficking.

Authorities seized over 50 horses, multiple bank accounts, a shopping plaza in Mission, Texas, various residences, and other properties.

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