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Chicago judge denies bail for schoolyard shooting suspect Raekwon Hudson

June 19, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Chicago judge denies bail for schoolyard shooting suspect Raekwon Hudson

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Raekwon Hudson, the 19-year-old, who has been charged with attempted murder after he shot of two young girls attending a school picnic, had flashed gang signs before opening fire from the Jeep he was in.

Hudson, who was sporting a ripped green sweatshirt, showed no reaction when Cook County Judge Peggy Chiampas ruled that he would remain in custody.

“No bail! Take him back!” Chiampas yelled to her courtroom sheriff’s deputies after emphasizing her disgust, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Young children can’t participate in a picnic without being in fear because of gangbangers on the street with guns,” she stated.

The intended victims of the incident were three students who showed up Friday to the picnic outside Warren Elementary School, according to Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Andrew Yassan.

The three students could not attend the picnic by a security guard because they had not been permitted to participate in the school’s graduation ceremony for disciplinary purposes, Yassan added.

The three waiting outside the school until one of them noticed someone in a dark Jeep flash a firearm, leading the group to ask the guard if they could cut through the school. The guard rejected the request, and the three students started to walk away from the school.

They didn’t go far before the Jeep came back.

“The three targets were identified by the occupants of the car as ‘ops,’ meaning members of an opposition gang,” Yassan continued.

Raekwon Hudson (above) and two juvenile teens face attempted murder charges for Friday’s shooting

The three ran into the school playground as shots were fired from the back seat passenger side of the Jeep.

Children who attended the picnic, some of whom were playing with water balloons, ran, but two innocent girls were injured. A 7-year-old girl, Jayla Wright was hit in her thigh and suffered graze wounds to her fingers.

A shot went through the right hand of 13-year-old Dakayla Hart causing a fracture on her ring finger, an injury that might require surgery.

Security footage from a nearby home recorded video of the incident and one of the witnesses identified Raekwon Hudson as the passenger.

Police found 11 bullet casings spread in a manner consistent with being shot from a moving car.

Moments after the shooting, officers on patrol nearby saw the Jeep in a garage as the garage door started to close. Hudson and two juvenile teens he was with fled, but didn’t get far.

The three were arrested, and officers learned the Jeep had been reported stolen hours prior.

The teen suspects — ages 16 and 17 — were hit with the same charge as Hudson: two counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated battery discharge firearm.

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