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Report: DEA agents directly triggered Mexican border state massacre by Zetas hitmen

June 21, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Report: DEA agents directly triggered Mexican border state massacre by Zetas hitmen

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An investigative report by an award-winning journalist reveals that the interaction between U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents with a Zetas member directly led to the Allende Massacre, one of the worst mass atrocities in the history of the drug war in the Mexican border state of Coahuila in 2011.

The report titled the “Anatomy of a Massacre,” by Ginger Thompson in ProRepublica details the horrific incident, which occurred in the town of Allende in Coahuila, located 40 kilometers from the Texas border town of Eagle Pass.

The attack was attributed to dozens of hitmen with the ruthless Los Zetas, Mexico’s most psychopathic, depraved, and feared cartel who were responsible for the kidnapping and systematic extermination of hundreds of villagers, including men, women, and children along with the demolition of entire houses and businesses in Allende.

Unlike most instances, the report indicates the Allende Massacre had not originated in Mexico, but in the United States, after DEA agents had an unexpected breakthrough in an investigation against top leaders of Los Zetas by convincing a top cartel operative to cooperate.

Allende was left in ruin as a result of the massacre perpetrated by the Zetas.

According to the report, the Zetas operative gave the federal agents traceable cell phone PIN numbers belonging to two of the most wanted cartel leaders, Miguel Angel Treviño Morales aka “Z-40,” who is widely considered one of the most bloodthirsty cartel leaders in Mexican history and his brother, Omar Trevino Morales alias “Z-42.”

However, the Federal agents made the fatal mistake of sharing the intelligence with a Mexican Federal Police unit that had long been plagued by information leaks, despite the fact that its members had been trained and endorsed by the DEA.

Almost immediately, the Treviño brothers learned of the betrayal and embarked on a campaign of terror to enact revenge on those they suspected of being alleged cooperating witnesses, their families and anyone with a remote link to the informers with the complicity of corrupt local and state political leaders.

Butcher: Los Zetas leader Miguel Angel Trevino was arrested by authorities in 2013

“We have testimony from people who say they participated in the crime. They described some 50 trucks arriving in Allende, carrying people connected to the cartel. They broke into houses, they looted them and burned them,” says José Juan Morales, the Investigative director for the disappeared in the Coahuila State Prosecutor’s Office.

Morales added: “Afterward, they kidnapped the people who lived in those houses and took them to a ranch just outside of Allende, killed them, put the bodies inside of a storage shed filled with hay, doused them with fuel and lit them on fire, feeding the flames for hours and hours.”

Years after the massacre, Mexican authorities have made inconsistent efforts in their investigations into the mass killings.

Omar Trevino Morales  was arrested by Mexican Marines in March 2015

Officials have since constructed a monument to honor the victims of the Allende Massacre but without ever establishing or punishing those corrupt officials responsible for covering up the horrific event.

U.S. law enforcement officials subsequently helped Mexican authorities capture the Treviño brothers, but never recognized the devastating cost or the countless lives lost associated with the arrests.

Till this day, Allende lies in ruins and survivors of the massacre still suffer in silence, too terrified to speak publicly of the horror they witnessed at the hands of the Zetas.

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