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Convicted sex offender in Kansas rapes 7-year-old girl just six weeks after parole for another sexual assault’

June 23, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Convicted sex offender in Kansas rapes 7-year-old girl just six weeks after parole for another sexual assault’

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A convicted sex offender has been charged with the rape of a seven-year-old child in a stranger’s Kansas apartment only six weeks after he was released from prison for another sexual assault.

On Tuesday, 23-year-old Corbin James Breitenbach was charged with attempted capital murder, aggravated criminal sodomy, and aggravated burglary as a result of from last week’s attack on a little girl in Wichita.

Breitenbach did not say much during his first court appearance other than to ask the amount of his bond. When he was informed that it was set at $1 million, he shook his head, KSN reported.

Breitenbach said little during his first appearance dressed in orange prison garbs as the judge set his bond at $1million

Sedgwick County Jail documents revealed that warrants have also been filed for attempted first-degree murder, rape, aggravated kidnapping, burglary and an additional charge of aggravated criminal sodomy.

KSN reported that prosecutors plan to argue that “the defendant’s conduct during the offense manifested excessive brutality in a manner not normally present in that offense.”

The convicted sex offender was sentenced to just under six years behind bars for choking and sexually assaulting a 22-year-old woman in 2012.

A relative said that as a child, Breitenbach and his siblings spent time in foster care

He was freed on April 28th on the requirement that he report to a parole officer after receiving credit for participating in a rehab program.

The latest rape occurred just before 3 am on June 11th. Authorities said the suspect broke into a second-floor apartment, where the child was staying with a friend.

Charging records indicate that said Breitenbach took the girl from a bedroom, strangled her until she was unconscious, and raped her on a balcony before he fled.

The condo where she was assaulted is across a small courtyard from where Breitenbach’s girlfriend resides.

Breitenbach had his hopes for joining the Marines dashed after he was arrested for raping a 22-year-old woman

Breitenbach’s girlfriend, who wished not to be identified, told The Wichita Eagle that on the morning of the assault, the man was sleeping in bed with her after the couple came home at around 2:30 am, “give or take a few minutes.”

One of the suspect’s family members revealed that as a child, Breitenbach and his siblings were in foster care.

In his teens, Breitenbach had intended to join the U.S. Marine Corps, but those hopes were destroyed when after he arrested for the rape of a 22-year-old woman.

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