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Authorities seize Cartel del Tigre arsenal in Mexican border state of Chihuahua

June 24, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Authorities seize Cartel del Tigre arsenal in Mexican border state of Chihuahua

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A military-type shoulder patch portraying a roaring tiger was discovered among gear, guns, and cars seized during the arrest of two alleged members of the Cartel del Tigre or Tiger Cartel over the weekend in the state of Chihuahua.

The stockpile was found when Chihuahua state officials arrested two brothers belonging to the Tiger Cartel on Sunday night in the town of Cuauhtémoc.

The Cuauhtémoc area, which is located 65 miles west of Chihuahua City, has been a place of intense fighting between drug cartels.

Cartel Del Tigre patch (Photo: Courtesy Chihuahua attorney general’s office)

Authorities arrested Manuel Adan R.V. and Hugo Isahid R.V., ages 24 and 22, on firearms charges and possession of stolen vehicles, the El Paso Times reported.

State police seized a Chevrolet Tahoe, a Dodge Ram 2500 and a Jeep Nitro that had been reported missing.

Officials also confiscated four AK-47 rifles, three AR-15 rifles, ammunition and military-style garb, including the tiger patch, which refers to the cartel’s namesake.

Some Mexican drug cartels use military-style patches. For instance, the Zetas used a crest with a Z on it, which is the outline of the state of Tamaulipas.

Rifles, ammunition and military-style clothing belonging to the Cartel del Tigre were seized Sunday in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua. (Photo: Courtesy Chihuahua attorney general’s office)

The Tiger Cartel is one of the several cells used by the Sinaloa Cartel to maintain control of the lucrative cross-border drug smuggling corridors.

Julio Cesar Escarcega Murillo, aka “El 109” or “El Comandante,” allegedly heads the Cartel del Tigre, the Chihuahua attorney general’s office has previously indicated.

The attorney general’s office added that Escarcega took over control of the Tiger Cartel after the death of Cesar “El Cabo” Raul Gamboa Sosa.

In March, Gamboa was fatally shot during a massive gun battle between cartel factions for control of a drug-producing region in western Chihuahua.

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