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Gunman executes Brooklyn clubgoer, accidentally kills woman sitting next to victim in SUV

June 24, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Gunman executes Brooklyn clubgoer, accidentally kills woman sitting next to victim in SUV

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A covert shooter shot a dozen fatal bullets into a man inside an SUV in Brooklyn in the early morning hours on Friday before the 13th shot murdered the victim’s innocent girlfriend.

The ambush outside the Hall Next Door Club occurred just before 5 am and left 27-year-old Devon Hannibal dead behind the wheel of his car — with Christina Stubbs, 23, killed in the passenger seat beside him.

Stubbs was fatally struck by a single stray bullet as the shooter emptied his .9-mm pistol through the window of the Dodge Durango in an attack that was heard throughout the area.

“It had to be a big gun… I heard every shot as if I was sitting right there,” resident Deborah Edwards told local ABC7 News. “It sounded like cannons!”

The shooter crept up to the driver’s side of the red Dodge Durango, pumping 13 shots into the vehicle. (MARCUS SANTOS)

The suspect did not say a word before his killing spree and officers were unclear of a possible motive.

However, NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said Stubbs was killed by a bullet that was intended for the driver.

Thirteen bullets holes were seen in the driver’s side window of the SUV as it was towed from the scene, and Hannibal — who is a father of two — was hit in the head, chest, and arm.

Both families were devastated by the slayings that occurred a graduation party with 100 people in the club.

Police at the scene of a deadly shooting in East New York that claimed the lives of a man and woman. (MARCUS SANTOS/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

Stubbs lived with her father in Brooklyn. Last year, her brother Nathaniel was killed in a car accident.

Eon Hannibal, 54, said his two grandchildren did not know that their father was never coming home.

Eon Hannibal said was at a loss for words to explain why the shooter came after his son.

The shooter described as African Americans and in his 20s, was wearing a white shirt and red shorts and fled after he emptied the bullets out of his gun.

Although no arrests have been made, police found a pair of discarded red pants a block from the scene.

“This is a very broad street,” Boyce noted as the investigation is pending. “There are a lot of cameras. We’ll know more as we push forward.”

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