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Mexico sees record number of murders for the month of May

June 24, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexico sees record number of murders for the month of May FOTO: RASHIDE FRIAS /CUARTOSCURO.COM

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The month of May was Mexico’s most violent month in at least two decades, and murders have sharply increased in 2017 compared to last year, new government crime rates indicate.

New statistics released on Tuesday by the Interior Department revealed that 2,186 people were killed in May, which correlates to three people killed every hour.

The previous high was 2,131 in May 2011.

During the first five months of this year, there were 9,916 homicides across the country – a rise of about 30% over the 7,638 killed during the same period in 2016.

“Grim. Not shocking. Because we’ve seen this for months,” Mexican security analyst Alejandro Hope stated.

Police and forensics secure the area where six people were killed, in Acapulco, Mexico. Government crime statistics show that the month of May was the country’s bloodiest month in at least 20 years and homicides are up sharply in 2017 compared with the previous year. (AP Photo/Bernandino Hernandez, File)

“This is the overwhelming and absolute failure of Peña Nieto’s public safety policy,” Alejandro Hope, told BuzzFeed News.

Mexico began a militarized offensive over ten years ago to fight drug cartels that terrorize parts of the country. Murders fell somewhat after peaking in 2011 but have once again increased,

At the state level, Baja California Sur observed the biggest increased in the first five months of this year. After recording 36 murders during the same period in 2016.

Significant increases were also observed in Veracruz (93%), Quintana Roo (89%) and Sinaloa (76%).

On Wednesday, Veracruz Governor Miguel Angel Yunes said at a press conference that seven bags with two dismembered corpses had been disposed of outside the personal office of the state security chief.

Veracruz Governor Miguel Ángel Yunes

Armed cartel members had also attacked three workers hanging a billboard with pictures and a reward offered for criminal suspects in the areas.

Some security analysts blame the surge down to increased demand for heroin in the US, while Others say the legalization of marijuana in some states has resulted in profits to fall, prompting groups to turn to other crimes including extortion and kidnapping.

However, Hope indicated the violence is being driven “the weakening of the Sinaloa cartel” – whose leader, Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, was extradited to the U.S. for drug charges.

Hope also referred to “the rise of the Jalisco New Generation cartel.”

In Baja California Sur, a Sinaloa faction is fighting for control against rivals within the cartel and also against Jalisco.

Hope also noted an increase heroin trafficking, difficulties implementing a new criminal justice system and inadequate police response to the crime surge.

More and more people are being murdered in Mexico — and once more drug cartels are to blame – LA Times

JammeUp’s senior research analyst and co-founder Michael Falzarano says the bloodshed is a direct result of the splintering of the major drug trafficking organizations.

“The decapitation strategy employed by the Mexican government, which was encouraged by U.S. authorities of targeting the heads of the major cartels made for sensational headlines, but it had a devastating consequence,” Falzarano said.

He detailed the current situation in Tamaulipas, where security has deteriorated due to the continuing drug-related violence.

Turf wars among cartel factions have erupted in cities such as Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo, and Ciudad Victoria as a result of a fracturing within the Tamaulipas-based crime groups, the Gulf Cartel and Zetas organizations.

“What remains now are these regional ultra-violent splinter cells, fighting over every municipality,” Falzarano stated. “The same trend has occurred throughout the country, the uptick in bloodshed will only continue to worsen, the drugs continue to flow over the border, and both governments have no solutions.”

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