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Sinaloa Cartel cell conducting surveillance on U.S. law enforcement in plot to uncover and murder confidential informants in Arizona

June 26, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Sinaloa Cartel cell conducting surveillance on U.S. law enforcement in plot to uncover and murder confidential informants in Arizona

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A Mexican drug cartel aligned with the Sinaloa Cartel is conducting a surveillance operation in the U.S. against law enforcement personnel in an attempt to uncover and murder confidential informants.

The plot is taking place in southern Arizona. A classified warning, also referred to as a situational report or bulletin, was issued by the FBI on June 23rd.

The deadly scheme is taking place in Douglas, Arizona, and other nearby areas by a special forces faction of the Sinaloa Cartel called Grupo Delta.

Agua Prieta, Sonora sits on the border with Douglas, Arizona

The group is identified as a surveillance team. The report identified a particular individual as a known member of a cartel faction based in the Mexican border town of Agua Prieta and states that this suspect dispatched the surveillance hit team into the U.S. to kill confidential informants, Breitbart Texas reported.

Although the situational report does not name the specific Mexico-based cartel, Agua Prieta is controlled by a group known as Los Salazar which works under the Sinaloa Federation.

Agua Prieta sits on the border with Douglas and is two hours southeast of Tuscon

A source indicated the desert region in this part of southern Arizona is very unpredictable because of rival drug groups fighting over profitable smuggling territories.

Intelligence officials say Los Salazar is engulfed in turf wars with another Sinaloa faction identified as Los Memos.

A report indicates a cartel hit team is attempting to uncover the identity of cooperating informants by surveilling members law enforcement in Douglas, Arizona

The source indicated that the heavy traffic related to smuggling involves heavily armed criminals: those who are carrying drugs and those who are guarding drug shipments against rip-off crews known as “Bajadores.”

These gangs patrol the mountains looking for drug loads to rob. The cartels are forced to use anti-rip teams to protect the drugs and deploy mountain top to mountain top surveillance lookouts, which are also known as cartel scouts.

Los Salazar started to use armed scouts in their territory as tensions with Los Memos heightened.

The scouts are often equipped with rifles and surveillance equipment such as high-powered binoculars and walkie-talkies, permitting them to interact with the smuggling loads and security teams that are traveling along their routes.

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