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Quick thinking Chicago woman uses excuse to escaped sexual assault with the help of Uber driver

June 26, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Quick thinking Chicago woman uses excuse to escaped sexual assault with the help of Uber driver

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A woman who pretended to be sick to avoid a man at a Chicago restaurant later came up with another excuse to stop her attacker from sexually assaulting her before fleeing his apartment in River Forest with the help of an Uber driver last week.

The woman’s distress eventually concluded early Thursday when an Uber driver rescued the woman from her attacker, Assistant Cook County Attorney Ashley Behncke revealed on Saturday.

Santos C. Berrones, 32, has been charged with sexual assault and was ordered to remain behind bars, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Berrones struck up a conversation with the victim at a restaurant after the woman had dinner with a friend.

Santos C. Berrones was arrested at his Chicago-area apartment

After her friend had left, Berrones began talking to the woman, and the two danced before the man kissed the woman several times, Behncke said in court on Saturday.

When the woman said she was feeling sick and wanted to go home, Berrones agreed to take her home and was recorded on surveillance footage grabbing her hand and taking her to his car.

However, Berrones instead took her to his apartment, and the woman said she would go in to use the bathroom. After ordering an Uber in the restroom, the victim walked to the living room, where Berrones forced her down into a salon-style chair and took her clothes off as she tried to fight back.

Despite the woman shouting for him to stop, Berrones forcefully had intercourse with the victim. However, She managed to get Berrones to stop, telling him she’d do it if he wore a condom. When Berrones walked away, the victim ran out of the apartment and discovered the Uber driver, who was waiting for her.

The Uber driver witnessed Berrones trying to grab the woman, who told Berrones to stop and called him a “pervert.”

Once safely inside the vehicle, the crying victim said Berrones attacked her and the driver transported the victim to the local police station.

The Uber driver told authorities that he saw a man trying to drag the woman back inside the apartment. On Thursday just before 3:30 a.m., officers went to the home where the attack occurred, saw the front door open walked in and placed Berrones under arrest.

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