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Financial operator for top Mexican drug lords sentenced to 63 months in federal priosn

June 28, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Financial operator for top Mexican drug lords sentenced to 63 months in federal priosn Mauricio Sánchez Garza

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A federal judge sentenced Mexican businessman and reputed Sinaloa Cartel financial operator Mauricio Sánchez Garza to 63 months in prison for his role in an extortion and money laundering case in San Antonio Federal Court.

Sánchez Garza, who was sought from by U.S. authorities, fled to his native Mexico in 2010.

Mexican authorities arrested Sánchez Garza in January 2014 and agreed to be extradited to face charges in San Antonio in July 2016.

The native of Guadalajara, Mexico, pleaded guilty to money laundering back in October.

The U.S. Dept of Treasury and Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office previously identified Mauricio Sanchez Garza as a financier for some of the top drug kingpins including jailed Sinaloa Cartel boss Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, Ismael ‘El Mayo” Zambada, and Rafael Caro Quintero – who is widely considered the godfather of the Mexican drug trade.

Court records show Sánchez Garza laundered illicit drug proceeds for Mexican drug cartels through a San Antonio apartment complex and other business interests owned by him and his family in Guadalajara.

His brother, Alejandro Sánchez Garza, also pleaded guilty in 2013 to related charges involving laundering drug money through a San Antonio restaurant and served 2-1/2 years in federal prison.

Sanchez Garza (above) was arrested in Mexico in January 2016

Additionally, Mauricio Sánchez Garza, who had once tried to invest in a big-budget Hollywood production, admitted to extorting a business partner for his percentage in a prequel to the Mel Gibson film, “The Passion of the Christ.”

His attorneys had denied that their client had links to high-ranking cartel members.

However, during his guilty plea, his legal team said Sanchez Garza had encountered hard financial times and resorted to drastic measures by involving himself with his co-defendant, Jorge Vázquez Sánchez, a known drug trafficker, the San Antonio Express reported.

Both men were responsible for an extortion attempt involving the kidnapping the brothers of a business partner, who was forced to sign over his stake in the valuable script “Mary, Mother of Christ.”

Authorities apprehended Vázquez in Chicago and he was hand a seven-year prison sentence, which a judge later reduced to four years.

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