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Newly released footage shows moment man fires on Baltimore police from inside bus during shootout

June 29, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Newly released footage shows moment man fires on Baltimore police from inside bus during shootout

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A new video has been published of the shocking shootout between police and a suspect aboard an MTA bus in Baltimore on June 7th.

Footage shows the moment Robber Blaine Robert Erb was hiding on the bus when officers pulled it over to search for him – not anticipating he would pull out two firearms and open fire sparking an all-out shootout.

The violence – which was recorded on the bus’ security cameras and was released by the Baltimore Sun – displays Erb’s terrifying assault on authorities minutes before he was shot and killed.

Blaine Robert Erb (left on June 7, and right in 2003 mugshot) was caught on CCTV on a Baltimore bus after he robbed a couple in June. Gunfire broke out after cops stopped the bus

Erb had robbed two individuals at a Logan Village Shopping Center just before 3 pm before attempting to flee on the MTA bus.

The footage shows the criminal paying for his ride then going to the back only 90 seconds before police stopped the bus.

Cops approach Erb, where he is hidden from surveillance cameras, but they quickly retreat as he pulls out a gun.

The other passengers gasp in fear and hide under their seats to avoid being shot.

Then two shots are fired, sending the officers struggling off the bus. After a tense moment, Erb seems to order everyone to get off.

Erb was prohibited from owning firearms due to a prior conviction, police said. Nevertheless, he was locked and loaded on June 7 – and not afraid to fire on police

Erb had two .40 caliber pistols that were loaded with magazines surrounded by officers.

He’s seen firing at the front and rear of the bus, trying to keep off authorities who have surrounded it.

At one moment, Erb winces as bullets fly through the windshield of the bus from police, which missed Erb.

Seconds later, Erb fled the bus, disappearing briefly behind a van before being shot and killed by police.

Close Call: At one point Erb is seen retreating from the front of the bus, only for bullets to smash through the windscreen. However, they only hit the driver’s cab door, missing Erb

He died on the lawn of a nearby residence. An officer and a witness were both injured in the shootout.

Authorities later revealed that Erb was prohibited from owning guns due to a “lengthy criminal history in Maryland and other states,” including robbery, theft, and assault.

The incident was recorded and uploaded by Steve Outlaw, a bystander, who said he was one of the individuals that had been ordered off the bus.

His video, which was mostly recorded while he was lying on the ground, shows the suspect leaning out of the bus’ doors, firing at the front and rear of the vehicle.

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