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Dramatic body cam video shows Tulsa police fatal shooting of armed suspect

July 1, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Dramatic body cam video shows Tulsa police fatal shooting of armed suspect

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Body cam video shows the shocking moment that police pursue an armed suspect, shoot and kill him before officers handcuff him on the ground.

Three cops, Chad Murtaugh, Tracy Komasa and Corporal Joel Ward fatally shot 47-year-old Jimmy Bevenue as he attempted to flee through an area of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

All of the officers have been put on leave as Tulsa Police investigate if Bevenue was posing a threat before he was killed, Tulsaworld.com reported.

Bevenue (above) had been suspected of stealing a car before he was shot last Saturday

“He may have presented his weapon and pointed it, or he may not have, we don’t know that yet,” Sergeant Shane Tuell stated.

Authorities saw Bevenue with three individuals on a street where they alleged a stolen vehicle had been parked. Armed with a gun in his hand, he flees from the cops and runs towards a home while the three remaining people are told to get on the ground.

The man then stormed through the back of an elderly woman’s residence.

The cops then shot at Bevenue when they discern that he is trying to break into the home.

He then headed towards another residence after he was shot at.

At this time, he can’t be seen by cameras although the shots are heard for roughly 13 seconds.

Bevenue is then laying on the ground. The Body cam video shows the three cops approaching his body and placing handcuffs on him as he is dead on the ground.

A spokesperson for the department verified that the suspect did not shoot at officers during the pursuit.

Police had shot Benvenue multiple times before he fell to the ground. His face was bloodied as police handcuffed his body

Tuell said authorities were advised to shoot at Bevenue because he went into the home of the elderly woman.

“When he’s fatally shot, the gun was lying next to him, so he had it in his hands,” Tuell added.

Tuell also noted that during the pursuit the officers asked him to drop his firearm.

In the footage that was released by the police, the cops circle the gun, which is partly camouflaged under a pile of leaves.

The vehicle police noticed was proven stolen and the gun he fled with was in the vehicle, according to a police report.

Bevenue had been previously behind bars burglary and credit theft.

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