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Face-changing Brazilan drug lord Luiz Carlos da Rocha captured after 30-years on the lam

July 3, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Face-changing Brazilan drug lord Luiz Carlos da Rocha captured after 30-years on the lam

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A three-decade-old manhunt for Luiz Carlos da Rocha alias “The White Head” the Brazilian drug lord who used plastic surgery to change his appearance to evade authorities, has finally come to an end.

Officials with the Brazil’s Federal Police announced the capture of Rocha on Saturday after authorities nabbed the cocaine kingpin at his home in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso.

Brazilan and U.S. officials say Luiz Carlos da Rocha led a worldwide drug trafficking network responsible for producing tons of cocaine from the South American countries of Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru.

Brazilian drug kingpin Luiz Carlos “White Head” da Rocha in police custody.

Authorities in Brazil alleged that Rocha was responsible for passing five tons of cocaine through Brazil every month before trafficking the drugs to the United States and Europe, The BBC reported.

Agents said Rocha’s organization was violent which utilized heavily armed escorts and armored vehicles.

Rocha lived under the assumed identity of Vitor Luiz de Morales and underwent several plastic surgeries to evade capture for 30 years.

However, investigators were able to match the imagery of the new suspect to Rocha’s old facial characteristics and “concluded that Carlos da Rocha and Vitor Luiz are the same people.”

Photos released by the Brazilian Federal Police shows a man police identify as Luiz Carlos da Rocha

The operation to capture the evasive drug lord involved 150 agents conducting 24 raids.

Brazilian Authorities also seized over $10 million in assets from Rocha — including properties, luxury cars, and planes.

Law enforcement officials in the South American country also plan to target Rocha’s remaining assets hidden in real estate holdings and off-shore bank accounts.

Brazilian courts had previously convicted Rocha for international narcotics trafficking and money laundering and sentenced him to more than 50 years in prison.

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