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FBI investigation results in indictment of 14 connected to Mexican Mafia directed hits in L.A. county jails

July 4, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
FBI investigation results in indictment of 14 connected to Mexican Mafia directed hits in L.A. county jails Images courtesy of CBP/ Google Maps

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A year-long extensive FBI-led joint investigation has resulted in the arrests of 14 Mexican Mafia members in connection with a rash of violent assaults on inmates housed at Los Angeles County Jails.

According to the L.A. Times, the probe targeted gang members based in San Bernadino, California.

“In one case, an individual whom the Mexican Mafia believed to be cooperating was stabbed in the head and torso after a Mexican Mafia associate gave an order for the individual to be murdered,” an FBI news release revealed.

Among the 14 charged in the case is 33-year-old Eyreick Arballo who is already serving time in for an unrelated case.

Arballo was charged along with Jose De Jesus Rivera, 33, and Daniel Bustamante, 29, who was also taken into custody on Thursday.

The FBI announced Friday that 14 people have been indicted in connection with Mexican Mafia directed attacks on inmates housed in Los Angeles County jails. Courtesy of the Pomona Police Department

Daniel Ramos, Miguel Garcia, James Piano, Victor Hernandez, 40, Willam Membreno, Edgardo Moreno, Miguel Arciniega, Sergio Chavez, Jose Salazar, Greg Gonzalez, and Rene Arana, who are all currently behind bars, were also charged.

Starting in July 2016, the FBI’s San Gabriel Valley Safe Streets Task Force launched their investigation into the attacks on inmates within Los Angeles County jails.

Officials determined that the attacks were being ordered on behalf of the notorious Mexican Mafia from outside the prison. The assaults were carried out by foot soldiers, sometimes known as Surenos, within the prison. The attacks and murders were made against prisoners that violated the rules of the gang.

The charges were revealed on Friday by Deirdre Fike, assistant director in charge of the FBI’s field office in L.A. in conjunction with Jackie Lacy, L.A. District Attorney, and Jim McDonnell, L.A. County sheriff.

The FBI San Gabriel Valley Safe Streets Task Force was established in 2008 and consists of law enforcement members from the FBI, DEA, Pomona Police, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

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