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Missing 13-year-old Texas girl Shavon Randle found dead after kidnapping over drug robbery

July 5, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Missing 13-year-old Texas girl Shavon Randle found dead after kidnapping over drug robbery

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Police say 13-year-old Shavon Randle from North Texas who was reported missing last week has been discovered dead inside of an abandoned home in Dallas, having been victim to a ransom plot sparked by a drug robbery.

Shavon Randle was missing for four days and was identified as one of two people murdered inside of the home, Eric Jackson, special agent in charge of the FBI in Dallas, revealed.

A second corpse that was found inside the home was that of 19-year-old Michael Titus, who had been identified as one of four persons of interest in the kidnapping last week, NBC Fort Worth reported.

Shavon Randle Photo credit: Lancaster PD

“We didn’t have the result we were looking for, but being able to let Shavon’s family know that we’ve located her was our goal,” Jackson added.

The area around the small residence was blocked off Sunday morning. Detectives placed evidence markers around the yard, and individuals in hazardous materials suits were seen going into and leaving the residence.

The girl was abducted on Wednesday from a house in Lancaster, located 15 miles south of Dallas.

Devontae Owens, 24 (Top left), and Laquon Wilkerson, 30 (top right), were arrested for kidnapping, while Darius Fields, 26 (bottom left), and LaPorschya Polley, 25 (bottom right), have been detained as persons of interest and charged with unrelated counts

Lancaster authorities then published an Amber Alert. Officials said a family member, Ledoris Randle, told police that she received a call from an unidentified man who said the girl was being held and threatened to harm her.

Two men were arrested on Saturday, Devontae Owens, 24, and Laquon Wilkerson, 30, during their hunt for Shavon. Both are in custody on $500,000 bond and have been charged with aggravated kidnapping.

An arrest affidavit indicated that Ledoris Randle was dating 22-year-old Kendall Perkins, who stole drugs from Owens and Darius Fields.

 19-year-old Michael Titus (right), had been named a person of interest in the teen’s kidnapping

On Wednesday at around 10:30 am on Wednesday, Ledoris received the call about Shavon’s abduction and was threatened that if she went to authorities, the teen would be murdered.

Lancaster officers managed able to track Owens’ and Shavon’s phone, which were located in the same area at the same time, and later moving in the same direction, away from the girl’s residence, until her phone was turned off.

On Friday, police apprehended Fields and a fourth person of interest identified as LaPorschya Polley, 25.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help Randle’s family with funeral expenses.

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