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VIDEO: Coahuila Police commander implicated in embezzlement scheme gunned down in Mexican border state

July 6, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
VIDEO: Coahuila Police commander implicated in embezzlement scheme gunned down in Mexican border state

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A group of gunmen executed a recently reinstated Coahuila police commander after he was linked to an embezzlement plot. The slaying took place outside of a local gym in Saltillo.

Just before the killing, Coahuila Police Commander Sergio “Tobogan” Tobias Salas was outside of the gym that he owned. As Tobias spoke with another individual, a white vehicle drove up, and a gunman opened fire.

The man was struck four times, shooting him in the head and neck area; he fell to the ground next to a motorcycle. He was killed almost instantly, El Democrata reported.

Mexican police commander gunned down in Coahuila

Tobias was a lawman in Coahuila working in multiple agencies, most recently in the now defunct Fiscalia General de Coahuila, or the State Prosecutor’s Office.

In 2012, Tobias was terminated from his position and was arrested for his role in the 2011 Megadeuda – a huge embezzlement scheme.

The lawman was newly released from custody and was given his job back after federal authorities exonerated him.

Also referred to as the Megadeuda or MegaDebt, during the administration of former governor Humberto Moreira, various state officials robbed the state coffers through various embezzlement plans. The move caused the state to become significantly indebted leading Standard & Poor’s to lower the state’s credit rating six measures.

Although multiple politicians were prosecuted in the U.S. on charges of money laundering in connection with the MegaDebt, Moreira was exonerated by the Attorney General’s Office in Mexico.

Humberto Moreira is the same governor who had been publicly associated with the Los Zetas Cartel.

While the former politician has not been charged in Mexico, court testimony in the U.S. indicated that the Zetas would pay him and his employees protection money.

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