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MMA fighter Aaron Rajman shot dead during a home invasion in Florida

July 6, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
MMA fighter Aaron Rajman shot dead during a home invasion in Florida

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Professional MMA fighter Aaron Rajman has been fatally shot during a home invasion in Florida.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said Monday that Aaron Rajman was at his home in West Boca when a crew of gunmen ambushed the home just before 10:30 pm and shot him at least once,

A statement from police read: “Upon arrival deputies learned that males entered the residence where an altercation ensued that resulted in a male being shot. The suspects fled…”

Authorities have since indicated the 25-year-old fighter was the man shot and killed during the incident, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Aaron Rajman, known by one MMA referee as “the matzoh brawler,” had a 2-2 record as a professional fighter and was 8-1 as an amateur. (FACEBOOK/AARON.RAMJAN)

Rajman trained with the leading American Top Team and had grown famous for being one of the few Orthodox Jewish fighters in the MMA.

He outlines his childhood in an essay written for MMAFutures.com back in 2015.

“As a teen I got myself into trouble with drugs and the law before catching on,” he admitted.

He shed light on his personal life in the essay, discussing how he enjoyed working with his community to help improve lives.

“I was raised with a Jewish education and in the past five years have focused a lot on my relationship with God. Another way for me to use what I’ve learned has been by learning and teaching “real life, street self-defense. Everyone has the responsibility to protect themselves and I love to spread martial arts and all that comes with it.”

MMA fighter Aaron Rajman (pictured), famous for being of the few Orthodox Jewish competitors in the sport, has been shot dead during a home invasion in Florida

Members of the MMA community in Florida shared their shock at the killing on a Facebook page posting a tribute.

“The world lost another warrior today. R.I.P Aaron Rajman. You will be missed,” the post stated, while also including a picture of the victim.

One of Rajman’s friends has launched a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the 25-year-old’s funeral.

The page states: “Anyone who knew Aaron, knew him in many ways. The fighter, the friend, the brother, uncle and much more! As friends, we are raising money to help pay for funeral costs and more. Aaron’s mother is very sick through this. Even though she would never show her pain, she is the strongest woman we know and desperately needs our support. We would like to raise money for the time she was off of work. Lauren would never ask anyone for anything. As a community, this is a time we can come together to help an amazing family.”

As of Wednesday, over $20,500 had been donated.

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