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Stunning TV reporter Luana de Almeida Domingos revealed as one of Brazil’s ‘most wanted’ fugitives apprehended

July 6, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Stunning TV reporter Luana de Almeida Domingos revealed as one of Brazil’s ‘most wanted’ fugitives apprehended Luana de Almeida Domingos

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Brazilian authorities have arrested a beautiful news reporter and attorney, who was one of the most-wanted fugitives in Sao Paulo, for reportedly passing on orders like a “carrier pigeon” for a drug organization.

Luana de Almeida Domingos, 32, also known by her professional name Luana Don, was discovered hiding in Ilhabela, a resort in Sao Paulo.

An arrest warrant was issued in November 2016, but she evaded apprehension for more than a year despite police offering an award of £12,000 for details leading to her location.

Stunning lawyer Luana de Almeida Domingos has been arrested by elite cops in Brazil

Police said the attorney worked as a messenger for the infamous cartel First Command of the Capital (the PCC) in Sao Paulo, The Sun reported.

She allegedly passed on information between drug lords, who were serving long-term sentences in high-security prisons, and gang leaders and their foot soldiers working on the Rio de Janeiro streets.

A collaboration between police in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro led to the finding of Domingos after she stopped working and abandoned her offices over a year ago.

The lawyer, who also worked as a journalist, is accused of involvement with a drug cartel

The Special Action Police Unit for Combatting Organized Crime (Gaeco) said in a statement: “Luana Don is believed to be part of “sintonia dos gravatas” (a communication linking lawyers and criminals) responsible for handling cases for gang leaders locked up in high-security prisons. She acted as a carrier pigeon carrying orders given by leaders to members on the outside, with instructions for their commands to be executed according to plans.”

Domingos is scheduled to appear in court this week and has been charged with laundering money and for her active involvement in the drug ring.

She has denied the allegations and asserts that she is being “victimized.”

The woman worked as a journalist for a TV network in São Paulo between 2012 and 2015 but also studied law and worked under the Sao Paulo Bar Association.

Domingos was pictured sobbing when cops swooped on her hideaway

The suspect was taken into custody under Operation Ethos, a probe targeting corrupt attorneys, which was launched in 2015, which has seen over 50 lawyers arrested for their association with criminal organizations.

In the last month, two other fugitive lawyers have been apprehended, one in São Carlos and another in Paraguay.

Last week a cocaine drug lord who evaded capture for three decades and used plastic surgery to alter his face was apprehended.

Luiz Carlos da Rocha, also known as “White Head,” was taken into custody in the western state of Mato Grosso.

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