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Bloody Dawn: Police discover eight corpses in the Mexican state of Jalisco

July 8, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Bloody Dawn: Police discover eight corpses in the Mexican state of Jalisco

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Bloodshed stained the western state of Jalisco, Mexico, after eight corpses including three bodies found hanging from a bridge over a major thoroughfare appeared around the Guadalajara metropolitan area early Saturday.

Law enforcement officials said the bloodletting was the suspected work of the ultra-violent Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) as a warning to thieves and kidnappers operating in the region.

The Jalisco State Attorney General said five bodies were discovered in Zapopan, two in San Pedro Tlaquepaque and one in the capital of Guadalajara around dawn.

Narco messages left where each of the bodies was discovered warned thieves operating in the area

Officials said police officers discovered the bodies of three people wrapped in plastic, each hanging by a rope from the overpass at the junction of Puerto Guaymas, in the Colonia Miramar section of Zapopan.

A narco message signed by the CJNG found on one of the bodies alluded to what happened to the victims and served as a warning to “thieves” operating in the area.

Municipal firefighters arrived at the scene to recover the bodies from the overpass.  However, the rope snapped sending one of the bodies falling over 20 feet onto the roadway.

Police discovered 3 bodies around dawn on Saturday hanging from a highway overpass in Zapopan

The other two victims were eventually lowered by emergency responders and taken to the city morgue where autopsies would be performed to determine the victims’ gender, age, and cause of death.

Despite being a busy roadway, local police were unable to locate witnesses to provide more details about who left the corpses.

The body of another man was found murdered in the Colonia Ciudad del Sol neighborhood, and a corpse was found inside a bag in the Santa María del Pueblito neighborhood, in Zapopan, according to The Nayarit Online.

Meanwhile, in the San Pedro Analco section of Guadalajara, the bullet-riddled remains of a 40-year-old man wrapped in plastic was dumped at a busy intersection.

Bloody Dawn in Jalisco, Mexico after eight bodies are discovered in Guadalajara and surrounding municipalities early Saturday

Police officials said similar signs warning thieves were left at each of the locations.

The Attorney General’s Office has launched corresponding investigations into the deaths of all eight victims.

It wouldn’t mark the first time the CJNG has made sensational examples within Jalisco’s criminal underworld.

Last year, the cartel abducted seven individuals, each with an extensive history as common criminals in the city of Tlaquepaque.

Police said all seven victims were found alive with missing limbs and had the words “Thieves” and “Rats” written with marker on their foreheads.

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