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Video captures crowd cheering four teens during arrest for having sex on a beach in Cape Cod

July 8, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Video captures crowd cheering four teens during arrest for having sex on a beach in Cape Cod

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Four teens were taken into custody for reportedly having sex in the sea with a large crowd of beachgoers in Cape Cod viewing the tryst during 4th of July celebrations.

The purported incident occurred on Tuesday in Dennis, Massachusetts, a small town on Cape Cod.

Four teenagers – Julianna Murphy, 19; Stephen Cerrone, 19; Lukas Kaminski, 19; and Molly Hines, 18 – were charged with disorderly conduct on Wednesday.

The four teens tried to cover their faces from the public after they walked out of court.

Three of whom appeared in court on Wednesday reportedly took part in the sex acts.

Kaminski was taken into custody because he refused authorities’ orders to leave the area where the other teens were being arrested, The Daily Mail reported.

A 17-year-old male who had taken part in the public dalliance was also detained, but his status as a juvenile prevents the media from publishing his name.

Footage of the teens being arrested went viral on social media, with the person who recorded the incident saying: “Talk about fireworks!”

Cerrone, a native of Quechee, Vermont, was named as one of the teens charged with disorderly conduct

The judge agreed to their proposal to postpone their arraignments while they participate in a youth offenders program.

The police report indicated that a lifeguard approached a detective at about 1:30 pm on 4th of July.

The lifeguard told the detective that he was informed that people were having sex in the water.

The detective, Matthew Turner, went closer to the water to investigate the complaint.

Turner wrote in his report that he saw four people “embraced with one another.”

‘I could not observe what was going on. However, both couple(s) were extremely embraced,’ the detective indicated in his report. “Each couple were at a minimum kissing and stumbling about in the waves.”

Hines, Murphy (both of whom are seen in the above file photo), Stephen Cerrone, 19, and a 17-year-old juvenile engaged in sexual intercourse in full view of beachgoers in Cape Cod

Turner noticed that this was taking place in front of roughly two dozen people who were looking on in “disbelief” on shore.

At the same time, Turner added there were about 30 individuals in the water who observed the event and were cheering on the participants.

“This is disgusting, why is this allowed,” one angry beach attendee was saying.

A video above shows the teens seated on the sand as they were detained by police. A large crowd of beachgoers estimated to number 300 people gathers to watch

Turner then began to yell at the teens multiple times, but they did not acknowledge the orders.

A lifeguard then blew a whistle repeatedly, as the teens kept on “embracing and kissing.”

It was only after a second lifeguard went into the water and swam toward them that the teens began to swim to shore.

The four teens appeared in court in Dennis, Massachusetts

Turner said that as he was arresting the four teens and smelled a strong scent of alcohol and slurred speech from the group.

The teens were also resisting Turner’s attempts to pull them in.

Despite Turner’s repeated request for Hines to stay seated, she refused.

Murphy, Cerrone, Hines, and the 17-year-old were arrested.

Kaminski, who was approaching the other members of the group, was arrested after he disregarded officers’ order to leave the area.

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