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American student on Greek island vacation is beaten to death by 10 attackers with brass knuckles

July 9, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
American student on Greek island vacation is beaten to death by 10 attackers with brass knuckles

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Authorities made arrests in the death of American student Bakari Henderson, who killed after a mass beating by ten individuals on early Friday morning while he was vacationing on the Greek island of Zakynthos.

Bakari Henderson, 22, was beaten to death in the street by a group of suspects who are believed to have used brass knuckles to pound his head.

Greek media reports indicated that the dispute began when a man from a group of Serbians went up to a crowd of Americans and broke a glass on their table.

One of the Americans grabbed the Serbian and punched him prompting a brawl to break out, The Daily Mail reported.

Two men have been arrested and eight more are being questioned after the death of University of Arizona student Bakari Henderson on the Greek island of Zakynthos

During the fight, Henderson was beaten to death.

Two suspects have been charged with murder by authorities in Laganas on the island of Zakynthos.

The suspects have been identified a 32-year-old British security guard of Serbian background and a 34-year-old Greek barman.

Eight others who purportedly took part in the brawl were questioned, six of whom were placed under arrest.

Henderson was originally from Texas and was a student at the University of Arizona where he was taking finance and entrepreneurship.

Authorities are investigating whether race played any role in the attack on the victim, who is black.

The Greek Security Division revealed that the fight broke out at 3:15 am Friday when Henderson had a minor dispute with the security guard at a sports bar.

The security guard and the barman chased Henderson out of the bar and started to beat him.

The Greek Security Division said that Henderson was rushed to the hospital, but he was dead by the time he arrived due to the severity of his head injuries.

Zakynthos is a popular tourist destination who are enticed by its beautiful beaches and wild nightlife.

However, there is a dark side, and in 2011 a 19-year-old British tourist was fatally beaten by two Greek taxi drivers.

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