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Chicago Police warns residents of two boys ages 6 to 8 robbing victims at gunpoint

July 9, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Chicago Police warns residents of two boys ages 6 to 8 robbing victims at gunpoint

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Police in Chicago issued a warning to residents in areas including South Commons and Bronzeville on the city’s southside, of a group of young children and teens robbing people at gunpoint in parking lots, sidewalks, and even inside of apartment buildings.

On Saturday, authorities said a group of three to nine school-aged children participated in robberies that occurred throughout the month of June.

The most recent incident, on June 28th on East 29th Street in Bronzeville, involved two boys who were between the ages of 6-and 8-years-old.

The two suspects brandished a silver handgun and demanded money,” a press release indicated.

Police said the two suspected minors were likely part of a larger group of kids and teenagers differing ages from 6 to 20, who were involved in similar robberies in the area within the past month.

Police said the other robberies occurred between June 3 to June 26, in which multiple individuals approached victims on a sidewalk, parking lot, and a residential hallway, and demanded their possessions, according to ABC7.

Those who reported the incidents said the group of boys came up to them both during the day and night, and “demanded or forcibly removed property from the victims before fleeing,” police stated in their warning to citizens.

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