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Colombian authorities arrest Mexican narco known as “The Iron Lady” sought for arrest in the U.S.

July 10, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Colombian authorities arrest Mexican narco known as “The Iron Lady” sought for arrest in the U.S.

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Colombian authorities have captured a suspected Mexican drug trafficker known as “The Iron Lady,” who is the subject of an Interpol Red Alert, officials in that country reported.

The Colombian Ministry of Defense confirmed the arrest of Marcela Florez during a raid in the city of Bogota, according to Noticias Aldia.

Colombian and U.S. authorities say the woman was allegedly responsible for coordinating drug trafficking operations, which included securing cocaine shipments from Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, and Mexico, which were eventually destined for the United States.

Reports show “The Iron Lady” had the trust of some of the world’s most dangerous narcos, including that of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, the boss of Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel now imprisoned in the United States where he awaits trial in Brooklyn, New York, for running a transnational criminal enterprise.

‘The Iron Lady” was arrested in recent days in Colombian city of Bogota

Officials said Marcela Flores, who had pretended to be a tourist after arriving in Colombia several months ago, was arrested after receiving information in recent days regarding her whereabouts in the country.

However, General Jorge Nieto, Director of the Colombian National Police, cited intelligence indicating the detainee had traveled to the South Amercian country to evade authorities in Mexico and also sought alliances with Colombian criminal groups, among them the powerful Gulf Clan.

Nieto said the Colombian government would prepare the process for the eventual extradition of Marcela Flores to the United States, where she is wanted for a pending drug trafficking indictment out of the Federal District Court of Virginia.

In addition to the capture of the “Iron Lady,” Colombian Authorities also secured the apprehension of two “dangerous Panamanian drug traffickers” with ties to the Gulf Clan who were hiding out in the city of Medellín

Colombian officials immediately deported the two suspects back to Panama, where they remain the subjects of a 100 million pesos reward for their capture.

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