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Zetas Cartel gunmen attack wife or rural mayor in Mexican border region

July 12, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Zetas Cartel gunmen attack wife or rural mayor in Mexican border region

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A group of gunmen, believed to be part of the Zetas cartel, driving in a convoy of nine vehicles assaulted the wife of the mayor of the rural community of San Fernando in the state of Tamaulipas.

The gunmen opened fire with automatic weapons at her convoy. Officers working security for her fought off the ambush, and there were no deaths or injuries.

The incident occurred when Rosa Elida Garza de Rios, the wife of a mayor and leader of a local government funded healthcare group, was returning from an event in the rural community where she had been giving out scholarships and praising students, Reforma reported.

The Mayor’s wife was returning from graduation in a primary. Photo: Special

Garza Rios is the wife of Jose Rios Silva, the mayor of San Fernando. He is part of the National Action Party (PAN), an opposing group that recently won over the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) that had controlled the state for over 80 years and had been closely associated with drug cartels.

The mayor’s wife was not with her husband when she was in the back of a Dodge Journey.

Police provided an escort as she came back from the trip.

In the “El Norteño” rural area, a convoy of nine trucks attacked Garza’s vehicle. They also opened fire on the two police vehicles that were securing her. El Norteño is located roughly 50 miles north of San Fernando and 60 miles south of the border city of Brownsville.

The assault took place along a farming road that links the communities of Gonzalez Villarreal and San German. Officers from Fuerza Tamaulipas combatted the attack. The security detail took Garza de Rios out of the vehicle and brought her to a highway crossing called the “y.” They then met with a convoy of 10 SUV’s full of officers to protect the mayor’s wife and bring her home.

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