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Police in Alabama and Wisconsin bust 2 suspects charged with texting and drug trafficking

July 13, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Police in Alabama and Wisconsin bust 2 suspects charged with texting and drug trafficking

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Texting while operating a motor vehicle is never smart. However, texting on your phone while driving with a load of drugs in the back seat of a vehicle is downright idiotic.

That’s exactly what two geniuses did on separate occurrences, which landed them both in jail facing texting while driving and even worse, drug trafficking charges.

According to a warrant issued by a Georgia Magistrate Court, Police stopped Jamirah Edwin Willis, a resident of Decatur, Georgia, after officers witnessed him driving erratically around 3:30 p.m. on June 29th, in Cumberland, Georgia.

During a subsequent search of Willis’ vehicle, officers reportedly discovered close to two pounds of cocaine behind the passenger seat, The Marietta Daily Journal reported.

Police officials said the drugs had been “packaged consistent with the sales of narcotics in several chunk size pieces divided into two bags,” the warrant reads.

In addition to the cocaine, a Glock 23 pistol remained within arm’s reach for Willis at the time of his arrest, according to the warrant.

Texting and driving landed drug trafficking suspect Pao Vang in prison on June 1st

Records indicate Willis remains in custody on no bond on at the Cobb Adult Detention Center, on felony drug trafficking, gun possession, and misdemeanor texting while driving.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, a car driven by a  33-year-old man ended up in a ditch because of texting while driving and also landed himself in a suspected marijuana trafficking case.

Langlade County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene near Langlade County Airport after receiving reports of a car stuck in a ditch.

According to WZAW, officers said the driver, Pao Vang seemed disoriented and was deemed unsafe to operate a motor vehicle.

Deputies searched the car and discovered 130 pounds of weed.

Cops arrested Pao Vang, of Wausau, on charges of possession with intent to sell more than 10,000 grams of marijuana and also cited for texting and driving.

Langlade Sherrif Mark Westen said his Office has started an investigation and is looking into other possible suspects.

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