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Wisconsin college student dies after mysterious incident at pool during vacation in Mexico

July 14, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Wisconsin college student dies after mysterious incident at pool during vacation in Mexico Abbey Conner

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A family in Wisconsin is still searching for answers six months after 20-year-old Abbey Conner sustained a baffling fatal injury in a pool in Mexico.

Abbey Conner and her brother Austin were both discovered in the pool face down at the Iberostar Paraiso del Mar resort hours after arriving, despite the fact that they were skilled swimmers.

Austin Conner was rushed to the hospital but managed to make a recovery. However, his sister was placed on a ventilator and was later removed off of life support at a hospital in Flordia on January 12.

Austin, who is 6’2″, told The Journal Sentinel that he and his sister drank four or five shots of tequila. He also added that they did a shot with a group of people at the bar, and did not know what was in it.

Their mom and step-father were also at the resort, but were not at the pool when the incident occurred.

Abbey Conner, step-dad John McGowan, mother Ginny McGowan, and brother Austin Connor traveled together to Mexico for vacation over the winter. (FACEBOOK)

“I’ve been in college and had my fair share of drinks,” Austin said. “No way I’m putting my face down in a pool and going to sleep.”

Austin’s blood-alcohol level was .26, while his sister’s was .25, and anything greater .25 can cause deterioration of motor skills.

“Somebody had to slip them some drug,” their father Bill Conner told the publication.

Abbey’s death certificate declares “accidental drowning” as the cause of death. Her loved ones claim that authorities have been hesitant to do an extensive investigation.

The family hired a lawyer and received a report this week that indicated that local police in Playa del Carmen had spoken to only three workers at the hotel.

No information was gathered from hotel guests or bartenders.

“It’s all too convenient,” attorney Florentino Ramirez said. “If it was an accident, where was everybody? It doesn’t make sense. There are too many open ends.”

Abbey was enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and was majoring in public relations.

“I can’t believe this happened,” her father said. “I’m waiting for my daughter to walk through the door. This couldn’t have happened … in the middle of the bar, two adults, floating in the pool long enough to drown.”

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