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Police release grisly murders committed by schizophrenic killer Cosmo DiNardo and accomplice

July 15, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Police release grisly murders committed by schizophrenic killer Cosmo DiNardo and accomplice Cosmo Di Nardo (left) admitted to killing four men iwth the help of his cousin his 20-year-old cousin, Sean Kratz (pictured left)

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Grisly new details in murders committed by Cosmo DiNardo and accomplice

Two 20-year-olds have been charged with conspiracy, murder, and abuse of a corpse by trying to burn the victims’ remains in a “pig roaster.”

Cosmo DiNardo admitted to slaying the four missing men and incinerating their remains on his family’s farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His cousin Sean Kratz has since been charged with three of the killings.

They were charges on Friday and are in custody in separate prisons on no bail.

District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said at a news conference that DiNardo admitted to placing the bodies in a tank converted into a cooker he referred to as a “pig roaster.” He accepted a deal to show investigators where the remains were buried to evade the death penalty.

DiNardo is seen above being led away in handcuffs on Thursday in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

He attempted to sell Jimi Taro Patrick a firearm and four pounds of weed for $8,000, but when he went to pick him up on July 5th, the man had $800. DiNardo shot him with his mom’s gun and buried him “far away” from the other victims in a six-foot deep grave.

The other three were murdered on July 7th by Kratz and DiNardo. Dean Finocchiaro was shot by both after DiNardo agreed to sell him a quarter pound of weed for $700. He planned with Kratz to rob Finocchiaro when they picked him up.

Kratz fired at Finocchiaro then DiNardo shot at him after he was already dead.

They wrapped in a blue tarp and threw him into the pig roaster.

That same night, DiNardo agreed to sell pot to Tom Meo and Mark Sturgis and the three met at a church to head to DiNardo’s house together. The cousins once again planned to rob them.

Sturgis, Meo and Finocchiaro were last seen on Friday. Patrick was last seen on Wednesday.

DiNardo shot Meo first, and he yelled, then Sturgis tried to run away, and DiNardo shot him until he his gun ran out bullets. He then ran over Meo, who might have still been alive, with the backhoe.

Kratz told authorities that his cousin “crushed” Meo with the backhoe.

Then, DiNardo used his backhoe to transport their bodies. The two men put the victims in the pig roaster with Finocchiaro, got gasoline, and set it ablaze.

They made a 12.5-foot grave with the same backhoe the next day and put the bodies inside.

DiNardo sold guns and marijuana and in the past has bragged about having someone killed over a debt

Weintraub said DiNardo admitted to soaking the bodies inside the pig roaster with gas. But the D.A. said his attempt was unsuccessful. He said at the news conference: “There was an attempt to burn the bodies. I don’t believe that was successful.”

On Thursday, a source said DiNardo’s motivation behind the killings was that he felt cheated by the men approaching him wanting to buy pot.

Later on Thursday evening, police arrested Kratz.

DiNardo, 20, was characterized as a “paranoid dealer” who was apt to feel snubbed by buyers after he sold drugs.

In 2016, he was banned from Arcadia University for complaints filed against him regarding “verbal interactions with members of the university.”

He was enrolled in the college for the fall 2015 semester before he dropped out and tried to go back in 2016.

Cosmo DiNardo, 20, confessed to ‘the four murders’ and is ready to plead guilty to four counts of first-degree murder, his attorney said on Thursday. DiNardo is seen in pictures he posted online brandishing a handgun

CBS News reported that his parents received a letter that said if he came to campus again it would be considered trespassing.

Law enforcement sources said DiNardo was known to sell as much as a quarter pound of marijuana for several thousand dollars and also included handguns in his dealings.

It was the discovery of Meo’s vehicle on the property that first led authorities to believe DiNardo was linked to the disappearances.

After his confession to the murders, prosecutors agreed to drop the death penalty, according to DiNardo’s attorney, Paul Lang.

ABC News reported that DiNardo has had as many as 30 run-ins with the law since 2011.

Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Kratz (pictured) were charged Friday with murder, conspiracy, and abuse of corpse and robbery

Most of those interactions did not result in arrests.

According to ABC News, locals in Bensalem Township believed that there was something “off” with DiNardo.

They said an ATV accident he was in about seven months ago transformed him.

Snapchat users in a group chat with him shared two pictures of the man posing menacingly with a revolver.

DiNardo reportedly told other Snapchat users that he wasn’t worried about the whereabouts of Finocchiaro just days after he went missing.

“Cosmo isn’t your buddy Dean missing?” one person asked DiNardo in a group message last week. “Aren’t you worried about buddydead [sic] dean.”

DiNardo replied: “I mean I know the kid yeah I feel bad for his parents. He’s a pill-popping junky who had 2 duis … He prob jumped parole Or probation.”

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