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Alabama man held on $1 million bond after drug trafficking arrest that included 9,000 pills stolen from pharmacies

July 15, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Alabama man held on $1 million bond after drug trafficking arrest that included 9,000 pills stolen from pharmacies

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An Alabam man is in custody on $1 million-dollar bond following a drug trafficking arrest, which involved the illicit sale of stolen pharmaceutical drugs along with cocaine and Fentanyl.

Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office in Madison County, Alabama, searched a residence on Tuesday and arrested Doyle Kordell Hawk. Jail documents indicate Hawk is facing a litany of state charges including four counts of drug trafficking and has bond set at $1 million.

Detectives anticipate that additional charges will be filed against Hawk, who is described as a “multi-state offender.

The 9,000 pills seized in a $150,000 drug bust in Madison County were stolen in pharmacy burglaries across Alabama or neighboring states.

Captain Mike Salomonsky with the Sheriff’s Office said he expects federal prosecutors to file at least six additional federal charges against Hawk, AL.com reported.

Authorities believe that many of the drugs, which included 9,000 prescription pills, was stolen from pharmacies in other areas in Alabama and in neighboring states.

“We think the source of the pills are probably pharmacy burglaries, We have not had any to my knowledge in this area,” said Salomonsky.

Doyle Kordell Hawk (Madison County Jail) is held on $1 million dollar bond

“The pharmacies that were being burglarized are not in this area,” Solomonsky added. “They’re probably in another part of the state of Alabama, probably Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee.”

Salomonsky also noted that the arrest was the result of a multi-agency investigation, which includes their department, along with the FBI, and DEA.

Officials said the pills, including oxycodone, promethazine, hydrocodone, Adderall, Cocaine, and Fentanyl, were discovered in a home and described it as a “drop house” for the drugs because no one lived there.

In addition to the stolen pharmaceutical drugs , authorities recovered over $30,000 in cash.

Police expect to make additional arrests as the investigations continues.

Salmononsky said investigators were working to discover whether Hawk is the leader of the drug trafficking operation.

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