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Police arrest suspect shooting probe indicted for trafficking crystal meth and firearm charges

July 17, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Police arrest suspect shooting probe indicted for trafficking crystal meth and firearm charges

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A man taken into custody during an investigation of a shooting has been indicted for firearm offenses and crystal meth trafficking.

Jeremy Devon King has been charged in a four-count indictment issued after he was arrested during a traffic stop on June 17th.

A felon, the 23-year-old allegedly used a gun in drug-trafficking activity and reportedly distributed roughly two pounds of crystal meth on the Mississippi Coast since he was released from custody in January. King served time for a drug possession stemming from an arrest in 2011.

Authorities in Gulfport, Mississippi had responded to reports of shots fired June 17th and were looking for vehicles that a witness described as a Mercedes-Benz and a Mitsubishi, a DEA Task Force agent stated in an affidavit.

Jeremy King faces drug trafficking and firearm charges

The Gulfport Police Neighborhood Enforcement Team pulled over a silver Mercedes driven by King. The passenger was arrested after authorities noticed a Smith and Wesson handgun on the floorboard of the passenger-side of the vehicle.

Police also discovered a bag with 108.6 grams of meth in the glove box, which is approximately 22 doses for a regular meth user.

The affidavit said that King confessed that he was at the shooting and said his relatives were involved. The man said he didn’t fire any shots and didn’t think the bullets had hit anyone.

King reportedly admitted that he sold marijuana and meth and said he had purchased meth for distribution that day.

He also admitted he had been selling crystal meth for about five months.

The shooting resulted in the arrest of Thomas James Everett Jr., 20, on charges of aggravated assault. Everett reportedly shot at two people; police have said they were not injured, but two cars were hit.

Authorities believe that Everet opened fire after he got into a fight with someone who had left. It’s not clear if King or the passenger were involved in the conflict.

Since his arrest, King has been held by federal marshals.

The Tuesday indictment has charged him with conspiracy, possession with intent to distribute meth, possession of a firearm by a felon, and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug-trafficking offense.

If convicted, he faces 10 or more years behind bars.

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