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Ohio grand jury hands down indictments against alleged Mexican cartel members

July 17, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Ohio grand jury hands down indictments against alleged Mexican cartel members

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A grand jury in Licking County, Ohio convened in a special session on Friday, handing down indictments against three individuals alleged to have possessed over 12 pounds of meth with links to a Mexican drug cartel.

The indictments charge Yonnivan Rember Moscosco, 31, Jose DeJesus Barragan Buenrostro, 26, and Hector Gomez, 40, all from California, with aggravated drug trafficking, aggravated drug possession, and having a hidden compartment in a motor vehicle.

Bill Hayes, the Licking County Prosecutor, said the special charges were sought to get the men’s cases heard by a magistrate next week, The Newark¬†Advocate reports.

Jose DeJesus Barragon Buenrostro (Photo: Submitted photo)

If the cases had been delayed to be heard by the grand jury on July 20th, they would not appear before a judge until July 25th, Hayes stated.

At least two of the individuals are illegally in the U.S., and another is on an immigration watch list for purported ties to the Salazar family, which has links to the head of the Sinaloa cartel.

All three remain at the Licking County Justice Center.

Yonnivan Rember Moscosco (left) and Hector Gomez (Submitted photo)

The three men were taken into custody on Tuesday in Zanesville after Central Ohio Drug Enforcement Task Force investigators pulled them over on Interstate 70.

A search of the car, which was a rental and was driven by Buenrostro, generated information leading authorities to a hotel in Zanesville. Buenrostro agreed to a search of the room and officers discovered Moscosco and Gomez, along with 13-gallon size bags with over 12 pounds of meth.

Hayes said the meth has an estimated street value of more than $650,000 and could have produced more than 22,500 doses.

If found guilty, all three men would face a mandatory maximum sentence of 11 years and possible deportation.

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