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Police: 4-year-old San Antonio boy killed in possibly gang-related driveby shooting

July 21, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Police: 4-year-old San Antonio boy killed in possibly gang-related driveby shooting

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A 4-year-old child was fatally shot, and his mother wounded on Wednesday night in a drive-by shooting that authorities said could be a revenge incident for a shooting that injured two men earlier that day.

According to The San Antonio Express, the young victim, De-Earlvion Whitley, his mom – Cyntwanisha Whitley – who was struck in the leg, along with a 7-year-old boy and Whitley’s husband were inside a home at approximately midnight when a vehicle drove by and started shooting.

Four men were taken into custody after the incident. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said the drive-by shooting is probably gang-related.

“The gang activity, or at least what we believe is gang activity, is starting up again on the East Side,” McManus at a news conference about the shooting on Thursday morning.

San Antonio Police investigate crime scene following drive-by shooting death of 4-year-old San Antonio boy

De-Earlvion Whitley was pronounced dead at the home. Cyntwanisha Whitley was brought to University Hospital for two gunshot wounds in her leg, KESN reported.

The men were taken into custody were in two separate vehicles, both with “loaded guns and ammunition,” McManus stated. Authorities indicated that they are still not clear if the men were coming from the drive-by or were on their way to another planned drive-by in retaliation for De-Earlvion’s slaying.

Neighbors heard a woman screaming, “My baby, my baby!”

“Why you didn’t take me?” Whitley had shouted before she was taken away to an ambulance to be transported to the hospital.

Investigators discovered shell casings from a rifle-style firearm and handgun at the scene.

“The message to those who did this shooting is this: We will arrest you at some point,” McManus noted. “It may not be today or tomorrow, but we will not stop.”

McManus added that police had a heavy presence in the area because hours earlier another drive-by shooting had occurred at a meat market.

Police at the scene of the previous episode revealed that a black vehicle pulled up next to a red pickup and started shooting, wounding at least two men.

McManus said someone at the Whitley residence might have been involved in the incident at the meat market, prompting a deadly revenge plot a few hours later.

The two drive-bys are the result of heightened gang activity in the area. He said the department plans to increase police patrol in the area to combat the violence, which has plagued the East Side of the city for years.

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