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Texas mother faces life in prison after getting busted with $2 million worth in liquid meth

July 21, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas mother faces life in prison after getting busted with $2 million worth in liquid meth

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A  Texas woman has been taken into custody for transporting $2 million worth of liquid meth in containers labeled “Purple Power.”

Seline Ayala, 23, was in her vehicle in Austin, Texas when a K-9 dog signaled to the presence of 75 pounds of liquid crystal meth.

Officers had pulled her over for speeding but then moved to search the vehicle because she altered her story several times about who she was and where she was driving.

She grew “verbally aggressive” when the cops questioned her before they recovered the drugs in the trunk, The Daily Mail reported.

Seline Ayala, 23, was busted  for carrying $2 million worth of liquid meth

Ayala had been driving a Dodge Avenger with her four-year-old daughter and her babysitter on July 12th at 11 pm when she was pulled over.

She told the police that she was a doctor and was on her way to Dallas for a meeting, although that story shifted as the officers asked for details about who she was meeting and her employer’s name.

Ayala then declined to let officers search her vehicle. They brought in the K-9 who sniffed out the drugs which were in three large contained which once were used to hold cleaning products.

A Police  K-9 dog sniffed out 75 pounds of liquid crystal methamphetamine found in three large Purple Power jugs 

She later told detectives that she was transporting the drugs for the second time for an unidentified man. Her texts backed up her story.

The first time this unidentified contact had arranged for her to bring the drugs to Carrollton, about a half hour from Dallas.

The mother has been charged with drug trafficking and is being held without bond before a pre-trial detention hearing.

Because she was in possession of drugs that weighed significantly over 300g, she could face up to life behind bars.

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