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Walk of Shame: Underage Jersey party girl locked inside NYC bar after passing out in bathroom calls cops for help

July 22, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Walk of Shame: Underage Jersey party girl locked inside NYC bar after passing out in bathroom calls cops for help

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An underage New Jersey party girl who passed out in a drunken stupor inside the bathroom of a New York City bar on Friday was forced to endure the ultimate walk of shame after she found herself locked inside the nightspot, prompting her to call the cops for help.

According to the New York Post, 20-year-old Therese Hipolito, of Flemington, New Jersey, woke up alone, locked inside of a bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Friday morning.

Witnesses who heard the dirty stay out yelling from behind the roll-down gate at Boss Tweed’s on Essex and Delancey before around 9:20 am.

Cops managed to break the locks to open the gates and free Hipolito, who seemed like “she was a little upset,” a police source told the Post.

“She woke up, and she was in the bathroom,” the source said.

The young bar reveler was downing drinks with a girlfriend when she passed out on the floor of the rest room.

Sources added that Hipolito woke up sometime after 7 am to discover that the bar employees who had closed at 4 am had unknowingly left her inside.

Hipolito looked disheveled, still in her white dress from the night prior as she shamefully walked out of the bar, staggered into a cab and traveled uptown.

The young woman later told the Post she was certain her drink was spiked.

“I would never be in the city just drinking. I was at a friend’s birthday party. I had one shot and one glass of champagne. And the last thing I remember, I go get a slice of pizza with my friend, and we sit back down in a booth at the bar, and that was my last clear memory.”

Police said bartenders never checked the bathroom before closing.

“How do you not notice someone passed out in the bathroom, I’m going to sue them,” Hipolito said.

That may be the least of the establishment’s problems. The bar could face trouble over the underage drinker; the source told the newspaper.

“They’re going to have some issues now. We’re going to look into this deeply,” one officer said.

The State Liquor Authority were notified and are investigating whether Hipolito used a fake ID to gain entrance to the bar, the source added.

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