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Feds indict 19 Mexican Mafia members in San Diego

July 23, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Feds indict 19 Mexican Mafia members in San Diego

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Authorities in San Diego filed charges against 19 members of the Mexican  Mafia gang referred to as “Eme,” or “La Eme,” and apprehended ten of the suspects on Thursday.

Most of the gang members taken into custody were active gang members and had previous criminal histories.

Investigators also seized $51,000, meth, and heroin, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

A three-year probe dubbed “Operation Emero,” carried out by San Diego, state and federal law enforcement agencies collected the evidence needed to file the charges and make the arrests, a statement from District Attorney Summer Stephan indicated.

Jose “Bats” Marquez (Left) and Ronaldo Ayala (Right)

Detectives examined thousands of recorded discussions and written communication having to do with La Eme’s operations. They learned that jailed members of the Mexican mafia were using phones, email, mail and cell phones to organize murders, assaults, extortions, drug trafficking and collect profits for the incarcerated gang associates.

“This gang is gruesome and calculated in their violence to inspire fear and intimidation,” Stephan added in the statement.

Two main gang heads were revealed to be Federal Bureau of Prisons: Jose “Bat” Marquez, an inmate, and Ronaldo Ayala, who is on death row in California.

Jose Marquez was extradited from Mexico

The DA added that joint collaborations with the FBI, East San Diego Regional Gang Task Force, and San Diego Special Services Unit enabled authorities to bring 25 felony charges against the 19 gangsters.

Some of the charges include conspiring to commit torture, conspiring to assault with great bodily injury, conspiring to commit arson, extortion, possessing drugs for sale and possessing an assault weapon.

Within the prison system, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s (CDCR) Security Threat Group raided 39 cells and seized 23 contraband phones, two SIM cards, meth, other drugs, and documents outlining Mexican mafia operations.

The ten gang members arrested on Thursday are set to be arraigned on July 24th.

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