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Authorities discover Los Zetas cartel incineration field near UNESCO site in Mexican border state

July 26, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Authorities discover Los Zetas cartel incineration field near UNESCO site in Mexican border state

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Human rights activists looking for victims of cartel-related violence discovered an extermination field employed by the Los Zetas to bury and incinerate at least 500 near a UNESCO-secured ecological biosphere in the Mexican border state of Tamulipas.

The field was discovered in the southeastern portion of Tamaulipas in the rural area of Alfredo Bonfil. The field is close to El Cielo Biosphere, an ecological site known as Mexico’s northernmost tropical forest and cloud forest area, according to El Debate.

Officals told Breitbart Texas that members of the Los Zetas admitted to running multiple incineration sites throughout Tamaulipas.

The state is one region that has two former governors who are wanted by the Department of Justice in the U.S. on charges of money laundering in connection with accepting cartel bribes.

Authorities in Mexico discover land where Los Zetas cartel burned it’s victims

Prosecutors believe that Tomas Yarrington and Eugenio Hernandez collected bribes in exchange for protecting cartels. Yarrington is also wanted on drug charges for actively supporting the Los Zetas and the Beltran Leyva Cartels.

The recovery of the most recent site led to the discovery of a large number of incinerated remains, according to Edith Perez, a member of the human rights organization “Voice and Dignity for Ours.”

While state authorities had previously searched the area, the human rights association managed to get assistance from federal investigators to search spots described by a Los Zetas regional boss during one of his court appearances.

The information that led to the development came from statements made by Enrique “Ricky” Santillan, who admitted to personally ordering or participating in over 500 killings and incinerations.

For nearly 11 years, Santillan spread terror through the rural areas in the southern part of the state.

In addition to supervising the smuggling of large drug loads, Santillan, along with his right-hand man Francisco “Pancho” Carreon, oversaw ransom abductions.

Court records indicated that other members of the Los Zetas cartel claimed to have incinerated kidnapped in the rural areas leading up to the border state of Nuevo León.

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