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Family collecting dead man’s belongings find his limbs in backpack after he was butchered by girlfriend

July 26, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Family collecting dead man’s belongings find his limbs in backpack after he was butchered by girlfriend

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Girlfriend of Massachusetts resident Joseph Shaw charged with murder

The missing limbs of Joseph Shaw, a Massachusetts resident who was purportedly slain and dismembered by his girlfriend were discovered by his relatives in several bags when they went to his house to gather his belongings.

Kathryn Podgurski, 33, appeared in a Brockton, Massachusetts courtroom on Monday and has been charged with the killing of  44-year-old Joseph Shaw.

According to the Boston Herald, Podgurski allegedly stabbed her boyfriend over 30 times and hid his body in a closet before telling authorities he died during a robbery gone wrong last week.

Shaw’s loved ones were in the courtroom but did not know he was dismembered until prosecutors shared the horrific details.

Family of Joseph Shaw, found his limbs in several bags when they went to collect his belongings from his home in Brockton, Massachusetts on Monday

His niece, Jacinda Shaw, told the Boston Herald that some horrified family members went to the victim’s apartment after the court hearing to pack his belongings.

They saw a bookbag in Shaw’s room with blood.

“It was heavy, when I opened it, his foot popped up,” she added.

“We dumped it on the bed, and there was another bag that we assume was his arm. We couldn’t figure out the police didn’t find it. It was in plain sight.”

Kathryn Podgurski, 33, is accused of stabbing Shaw more than 30 times, hiding his body in a closet and telling police he died during a botched robbery last week

A spokesman for the Plymouth District Attorney’s office verified that a relative had discovered what appeared to be Shaw’s missing limbs.

The Plymouth District Attorney said a family member of Podgurski contacted police on Friday alleging that men had tried to rob the couple at their home and killed Shaw.

Investigators indicated that they recovered Shaw’s body in a closet under his clothes and car litter.

He was stabbed multiple times and had been dead for a significant period.

He was reported missing by family members a week prior on July 17th.

Podgurski was charged in Brockton District Court on Monday and remains in custody without bail. Her next appearance is scheduled for August 24th.

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