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San Antonio human trafficking survivor paid Los Zetas Cartel for cross Texas border

July 27, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
San Antonio human trafficking survivor paid Los Zetas Cartel for cross Texas border

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An immigrant who was among the human trafficking survivors discovered in an unairconditioned trailer in Texas told officials that he paid people associated with the Los Zetas Cartel to be smuggled into the U.S. Ten individuals who were traveling with him died during the trip.

Police officers discovered eight dead undocumented immigrants on Sunday in and around a tractor trailer in a Walmart parking lot in San Antonio, Texas.

Authorities indicated that roughly 20 were in “extremely critical” or “very serious” condition after being in a trailer with no air conditioning, no ventilation, and no water.

Temperatures climbed to 104 degrees outside while it was about 130 degrees inside of the trailer. There were children among the 38 immigrants found. Two other later succumbed to their conditions.

Law enforcement was informed of the situation when one of the men who left the trailer asked an employee at Walmart for water, and the worker called authorities.

A man who survived the trafficking incident said there was no air in back of the sweltering trailer

Court documents indicated that one of the survivors told detectives that individuals close to the Los Zetas cartel helped some of the illegals get across the Rio Grande. The criminal added that the investigator said: “He was told that people linked to the Zetas would charge 11,000 pesos for protection and 1,500 Mexican pesos to cross by raft since the river ran deep.”

Once he arrived in San Antonio, he agreed to pay smugglers $5,500 in U.S. currency, The San Antonio Express reported.

After they had gotten across the river, they walked for the next day. A Chevrolet Silverado picked up the group and drove them to the tractor trailer where there were 70 people inside. The smugglers closed the door without providing them with water.

The people inside hit the walls of the trailer, but no one opened the doors. They alternated breathing from a hole in the wall of the trailer. People started passing out after an hour in the vehicle.

A survivor of the human trafficking disaster said he paid the Zetas Cartel to help him cross the border

A Florida truck driver, James Matthew Bradley Jr., 60, was charged with one count of transporting illegals resulting in death. If convicted, he may face the death penalty.

There were roughly 70-200 immigrants put into the trailer on Saturday. SUVs were seen at the Walmart parking lot taking people from the trailer on Sunday.

The driver told police that he did not know the migrants were inside. He went into the parking lot to go to the bathroom and heard noise coming from inside. Bradley said he was shocked when he saw “Spanish’ people.” He was aware the refrigeration system did not work and that the four holes were clogged up.

Bradley faces the death penalty or a maximum of life behind bars, a $250,000 fine, and a special fee of $5,000 according to the Justice for Victims of Human Trafficking Act.

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