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Orange County inmates recorded video of escape on contraband cellphone

July 27, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Orange County inmates recorded video of escape on contraband cellphone

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Video recorded with a contraband phone shows the prison break of three Orange County inmates from a maximum-security wing of a jail in Southern California last year, along with scenes from their days on the lam.

The edited video obtained by NBC Los Angeles has pop music playing in the background and includes news clips about the escape and pursuit. It also has voice-overs recorded by one of the inmates, filmed after their capture, giving his story of events and railing against the justice system.

One part of the clip shows the inside of the maximum security facility, referred to as Module F, at the Santa Ana jail. It is not clear how the inmates managed to get the phones.

“A lot of people like to credit us with some Houdini escape act in eight minutes flat. It’s an interesting myth,” Adam Hossein Nayeri said in the clip’s voice over. “In reality, we did leave that mod after the count. Not the one they’re claiming though. I left that module eight hours earlier.”

The three men were recaptured and returned to the Central Men’s Jail after nearly a week on the run. From left to right: Nayeri, Johnathan Tieu, and Bac Duong

Hossein Nayeri (left) and Bac Duong (right) smile for the camera before making their escape

In this image, Duong is seen removing a screen from a vent near a bed before giving thumbs up

Prisoners in the dorm are aware that Nayeri is recording but do not respond, except for fellow escapee Bac Duong, who flashes a smile.

The footage then switches to the escape.

Nayeri lifts a sawed-off piece of the bunk bed, revealing a cut metal screen on a wall. The screen is put aside as he exits through a vent.

The three inmates crawl through shafts. At one point Nayeri gives a thumbs-up.

Nayeri is seen giving a two thumbs up after entering the vent area

Nayeri is seen climbing down into the vent area after escaping through the screen

Both Nayeri (left) and Tieu (right) pose for pictures at the beach

The three Orange County inmates reach the roof of the jail.

The footage does not show how the prisoners got to the ground. Previous reports indicated that they got down using bed linens. On the footage, Nayeri says they had rope, a toolbox, a duffel bag, and clothes.

There are then scenes from inside a van where they slept.

“This is our casa. This is our crib. Water, all the basics,” Nayeri said.

Tieu poses for a picture with Long Ma, the cab driver they allegedly kidnapped and forced to drive  the fugitives to Northern California

Nayeri recorded a video showing him and Tieu smoking marijuana in the back of the van hours after they escaped

A marijuana pipe is shown to the screen as they hold up a bottle of Jack Daniels.

The men led police on a weeklong pursuit before they were apprehended.

Nayeri details the final two minutes of the edited video.

“We scared a lot of people and caused anxiety and fear, and at the end of the day, I can’t say I feel good about that.”

In another part, Nayeri talks about Long Ma, the cab driver they are charged with kidnapping, and who took them north.

“This man is a hero,” Nayeri added. “He just radiated this fatherly presence.”

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