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Mexican military overwhelmed by Gulf Cartel gunmen near Texas border

July 28, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican military overwhelmed by Gulf Cartel gunmen near Texas border

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Mexican soldiers were overwhelmed by Gulf Cartel gunmen, which resulted in three killed in the ensuing violence and seven others wounded in two separate gun battles in two days,

Mexican troops did manage to kill three gunmen and seized weapons.

The most recent firefight occurred when soldiers were dispatched after receiving a call from Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company PEMEX, about the looting of fuel occurring in a rural area along the highway that links Valle Hermoso with Matamoros.

Gunmen immediately opened fire as military forces arrived on the scene. Several soldiers in an armored vehicle suffered serious injuries after the vehicle rolled over into an irrigation canal, Breitbart Texas reported.

Several soldiers were wounded after a military armored vehicle rolled over into an irrigation canal in Northen Mexico

The gunmen fled and left behind two dead soldiers and five others who were seriously wounded.

A day prior, a separate shoot out occurred between military forces and Gulf Cartel gunmen along the highway that connects San Fernando with Matamoros.

A caravan of Mexican soldiers were carrying out routine patrol and came in contact with a squad of cartel gunmen.

The soldiers attempted to stop the vehicles, but the cartel members opened fire, causing a fierce battle where one soldier and two gunmen were killed.

Two others were taken to a hospital in Matamoros. Authorities seized a .50 caliber rifle, grenades, a machine gun, and bulletproof vests.

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