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Thirteen indicted in Mexico to Chicago drug smuggling enterprise

July 29, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Thirteen indicted in Mexico to Chicago drug smuggling enterprise

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A major drug enterprise in Chicago and its surround suburbs has been taking down after a two-year probe that provides insight into the long-suspected drug smuggling enterprise dubbed “smugglers highway” that runs between Mexico and Chicago.

Using coded words to dupe federal investigators for years, over a dozen mid-level drug dealers sold millions of dollars worth of cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl, court records revealed.

Among thirteen identified in the federal drug trafficking indictment includes Carlos Fuentes, 40.

Fuentes managed to sell large quantities of cocaine and heroin in the Chicago area since 2004….

Federal officials revealed that Fuentes was illegally in the U.S. and told them that he sold a large amount of cocaine and heroin in and around the Chicago area since 2004.

During an interview, drug agents indicated that Fuentes outlined how drugs were sent in semi-trailers from Mexico, into Texas and onto to Chicago, ABC7 reported.

He said the drugs were concealed in a fake wall near the cooling unit of the truck that did not show up on X-ray machines.

The drug smuggling operation used trailers to smuggle large quantities of cocaine and heroin in Chicago

Detectives have long said that a smugglers highway exists between Mexico and Chicago and that tractor trailers bringing humans across the border often use the same routing and equipment as the cartels.

On July 22nd, ten people were killed and 29 were injured when a non-working refrigerator truck filled with undocumented immigrants was uncovered in San Antonio, Texas in one of the worst smuggling disasters in recent history.

“These are criminal organizations that transport people into the country.

The organizations, the same illicit pathways that smuggle drugs, smuggle weapons and people that want to do harm to this country” ICE acting director Thomas Homan said.

Carlos Fuentes, a 40-year-old Riverside resident, was charged with drug distribution in an indictment and has been held in federal custody since his arrest in January

Among the accused leaders of the drug smuggling enterprise includes Aurielo Abrego and Jose Miguel Perez, 54, both of Chicago, worked together to sell wholesale quantities of cocaine and heroin to dealers.

Using hidden cameras and phone taps, officials said Abrego and Perez used code words to try and cover up a mega-illegal drug ring.

Five individuals were arrested in Chicago. Five others were already in custody and three other suspects remain on the lam.

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