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Surveillance footage shows fatal moment U.S. border agents officers encourage Mexican teen drug mule to drink liquid meth

July 30, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Surveillance footage shows fatal moment U.S. border agents officers encourage Mexican teen drug mule to drink liquid meth

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Video shows moment Border agents encouraged Marcelino Cruz Velazquez to drink liquid meth

New footage shows the moment Border agents at the U.S.-Mexico border crossed the line when they coerced Marcelino Cruz Velazquez, a 16-year-old high school student, drink a substance that later tested positive for concentrated liquid meth.

The government surveillance footage, acquired by ABC News, shows that a pair of U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers appeared to encourage Cruz Velazquez, a high school student from Mexico, to take sips from two drug-filled bottles back in 2013.

Velasquez died after two hours. No disciplinary action was carried out against the officers, both of whom denied urging the teen to drink the liquid.

The high school student can be seen in the video taking two drinks from one bottle and then another two drinks from the second bottle, as the officers smile

“I never asked him. He volunteered, and I believe I gestured to him to go ahead,” Adrian Perallon, one of the officers, said under oath.

The video shows the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents check one small and one large bottle while Velazquez appears anxious.

Velazquez points to one bottle, and officer Valerie Baird gestures towards him to take a sip.

After Marcelino Cruz Velazquez takes a drink, Perallon encourages him to take drink more.

30 minutes after drinking from the bottles, Velazquez appears to be in distress in another surveillance video clip. He was taken to the nearby Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center where he died hours later

The officers glanced at each other and smiled. “They know what’s going on. This is a game… he is being played with,” Eugene Iredale, the Velasquez family attorney told ABC.

This happened more than once. Perallon pushes the large bottle toward the teen and grins at his partner before Velasquez takes two more sips.

He swallowed four sips of the highly-concentrated liquid.

Minutes later, he started to sweat and scream in Spanish about “the chemicals” in the drink. “My heart! My heart!” he screamed.

His heart stopped about two hours later.

In March, over three years after his death, the Velasquez family was granted $1 million after settling a wrongful-death suit against the U.S. government and the two officers.

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