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Kidnapped model Chloe Ayling went shoe-shopping with Black Death sex-slave abductor

August 9, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Kidnapped model Chloe Ayling went shoe-shopping with Black Death sex-slave abductor

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Chloe Ayling, the British glamor model, who told police that a sex-slave group kidnapped her, strangely went shoe-shopping with one of her abductors.

Ayling began sobbing when police questioned her about the excursion, which took place during her six days of alleged captivity at the hands of two violent abductors.

A source who is reportedly a close friend of Ayling’s told the Daily Mail that the woman went with one of her kidnappers because “during the kidnapping, Chloe lost her shoes, [and] he took her to buy new ones.’’

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica stated, “That the kidnapping was real or that she was doped with ketamine is not questioned by investigators.

Police in Italy say Lukasz Herba (pictured) ‘kidnapped and tried to sell a British model on the dark web for £270,000’

“It is also true that many details do not add up, starting with a question that the investigators suddenly asked Chloe, causing her to cry: ‘don’t you think it is strange to buy shoes with your kidnapper?’”

Ayling’s attorney maintains that his client was psychologically under the power of her kidnapper and believed that she would be hurt if she attempted to flee during the trip.

“Chloe said she was scared and wanted to do everything she could to go along with everything to make [her captor] release her,’’ the attorney, Francesco Pesce, told the Guardian.

Chloe Ayling was drugged, handcuffed and loaded into a car boot in Milan before being driven 120 miles to a farmhouse in Turin where she was kept for six days.

“It’s understandable she was scared. I believe she was brave, she was with a captor and didn’t know what to do. She stayed calm. And she is safe and with her family.’’

However, the Italian press agency AIG still seemed skeptical.

“The kidnappers made ‘an injection into the right arm,’ even though she is wearing a ‘long-sleeved leather jacket,’” AIG noted.

Ayling was bundled into a car and taken to an abandoned industrial unit, where her kidnapper attempted to sell her on the dark web

The Daily Mail added that Chloe Ayling confessed to meeting her sex-slave abductor at a photo shoot, adding that the close friend revealed, “He specifically asked for her’’ this time around.

“He sent previous samples of his work and paid in advance” to set up the bogus photo shoot to lure her to the shop in Milan where she was taken last month.

Police now believe that Herba is “a dangerous person with traces of mythomania,” or pathological lying, according to the Guardian.

He said he was forced into the sex-trafficking business because he has leukemia and was desperate for cash.

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