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FBI arrest Aerospace employee attempting To sell DEA Intelligence to Mexican cartels for $2 million dollars

August 10, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
FBI arrest Aerospace employee attempting To sell DEA Intelligence to Mexican cartels for $2 million dollars

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FBI arrests former Honeywell employee

Recently published records from the FBI revealed that a disgruntled satellite expert reportedly took highly confidential tracking data for planes, helicopters, and boats used by the DEA that he tried to sell to drug cartels in Mexico.

Robert Miller, a senior project management specialist, was terminated from his position at Honeywell Aerospace in February and reportedly wanted to “screw over the company” because he was “pissed he didn’t get a raise.”

The company deactivated the 45-year-old’s access to their network at the time he was fired but were not aware that he made a secret login into its system in case such an incident occurred, according to 12News Phoenix.

Miller (above)  is facing charges after trying to sell top secret satellite tracking information to the Mexican cartel for $2 million, according to court documents released by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Miller’s intention was to trade secret codes for the company’s high-tech location-tracking system — the Satellite Tracking System — on the black market for $2 million.

The alleged plot took an unforeseen turn when the FBI began an investigation after a man referring to himself as “John Patriot” tipped off the company in July that he learned Miller intended to trade the STS logins on the black market.

FBI agents posed as members of a “well-funded” drug cartel and met with Miller at a resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he proved his ability to login into the STS system and taught agents how to track vehicles and aircrafts employed by the DEA.

The agents took Miller into custody after the meeting.

The former Honeywell International Inc. employee has been charged with computer fraud after he allegedly met federal agents pretending to be Mexican cartel members interested in buying access to a Honeywell location-tracking system.

FBI Special Agent Steven Garbett stated in court records that Miller then claimed in an interview with detectives that he had innocent intentions.

“Miller claimed his intention in meeting with whom he thought represented the cartel was to gather and share information with law enforcement,” Garbett said. “Miller stated that he had researched how to become a DEA informant and planned to talk to a DEA agent friend of his brother.”

The man is now facing two counts of computer fraud.

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