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Norteno singer Julión Álvarez denies links to top Mexican drug kingpin

August 11, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Norteno singer Julión Álvarez denies links to top Mexican drug kingpin

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Mexican Norteno singer Julio César Álvarez Montelongo, better known as Julión Álvarez has staunchly denied being part of a money laundering network or having any ties with Raúl Flores Hernández an alleged top drug trafficking kingpin, who US authorities have linked with the Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation Cartels.

Julión Álvarez held a press conference at a hotel south of Mexico City, the day after the United States Treasury Department Office of Foreign Assets Control, sanctioned the singer along with Mexican soccer star Rafael Marquez and 22 other individuals under the so-called “Kingpin Act” for their alleged association with Flores Hernández.

Both men have vehemently denied they had any connection to drug trafficking.

The U.S. government’s actions included an additional 21 businesses connected to the accused drug trafficker.

U.S. federal prosecutors accuse Álvarez and Marquez of acting as front men and held assets in a scheme to help launder illicit drug proceeds for a drug trafficking network headed by Flores Hernández.

Singer Julion Alvarez faced a fire storm of questions during a press conference near Mexico City on Thursday

Some 200 members of the press gathered for a news conference at a hotel in the south of Mexico City, where Alvarez denied any wrongdoing. However, he did admit that knew Flores Hernández, but only in the role of a businessman not as a major narcotics trafficker.

“I know him as an entrepreneur; I did not know he was part of … a criminal group,” the singer said.

He explained that he was hired to sing at a nightclub in Guadalajara owned by Flores Hernández, according to Animal Politico.

“I have no nexus (with Raúl Flores), he did not hire me directly, I was invited by two other people, to perform at the club,” Álvarez stated.

Mexican soccer legend Rafa Marquez and Julion Alvarez were sanctioned for alleged ties to a top drug trafficker

Àlvarez maintained he was willing to appear before the courts in Mexico and the United States to clarify his innocence, and argued that the only official notification of the sanctions he received thus far is the organizational chart issued by the U.S. Treasury Department.

“I am an honest person, I feel healthy about saying anything for sure, and simply I am not involved in illegal activities,” he said.

Álvarez elaborated on reports indicating he had accounts seized by Mexico’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), saying he had no formal notification to date.

“I have no official information or record of any economic loss,” Àlvarez said.

The Mexican Attorney General’s Office confirmed it had opened an investigation into the money laundering allegations made against Márquez and Julión Álvarez and their links with Raúl Flores Hernández.

Alvarez is accused of laundering drug proceeds on behalf of the Flores Drug Trafficking Organization

When asked about Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s decision to distance himself from the singer by deleting a photo of him and Alvarez from his Instagram account, Álvarez responded: “I want to put a good face on the taking down of that photo, so as not to affect the boy,” an apparent dig at the president.

The photo shows Alvarez and Pena Nieto on a boat during on a recent trip to Chiapas.

“Regardless of the president’s problems, he was a person I respected a lot,” Alvarez stated.

Prior to the press conference, the singer released a post on Facebook rejecting the allegations made against him and defended Marquez.

“He’s got one of the longest careers in football,” he said in the post on Facebook. “Do you really think he would need to do something like this?”

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