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German authorities seize thousands of orange Donald Trump ecstasy pills

August 24, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
German authorities seize thousands of orange Donald Trump ecstasy pills

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There’s one way Donald Trump can finally make people happy. German authorities announced the seizure of thousands of orange ecstasy pills in the shape of President Donald Trump’s head, worth an estimated street value of $45,000 US dollars during a bust last weekend.

The drug seizure occurred Saturday in northwestern Germany, in the town of Osnabrueck.

German law enforcement officials said cops discovered the pills Saturday during a traffic stop on the A30 highway.

Osnabrueck Police said two occupants, who were driving in a vehicle — including a 51-year-old Austrian man and his 17-year-old son — told officers they had visited the Netherlands to purchase a car.

However, the men claimed they were returning home after they failed to find the car they wanted.

Police say they have confiscated five bags containing the 5,000 ecstasy tablets

A subsequent search of the vehicle uncovered 5,000 orange ecstasy tablets.

According to the BBC, one side of the pills had the liking Donald Trump’s face and effervescent hairstyle with the president’s surname written on the opposite side.

In addition to the drugs, cops found a significant but unspecified amount of cash.

Police arrested the father and son on drug-related charges.

A judge ordered both men remanded in custody following a hearing on Sunday.

Authorities seized the vehicle and drugs, which are believed to have originated in the Netherlands.

Ecstasy tablets have made a major comeback in the European drug scene.

UK health officials have warned of the enhanced potency of ecstasy, which has resulted in a rise in fatal overdose cases.

Furthermore, ecstasy use has also been attributed to an increase in the number of people hospitalized for mental and behavioral problems.

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