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Fugitive Latin Kings gang leader who beat teen with bat, ordered disposal of body, captured in Mexico: FBI

August 30, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Fugitive Latin Kings gang leader who beat teen with bat, ordered disposal of body, captured in Mexico: FBI

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An Illinois  Latin Kings gang leader whose eight years on the lam earned him a place on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list allegedly beat, shot, and burned a 15-year-old back in 2009.

Chicago Police officials say 29-year-old Oak Lawn resident Luis Macedo, launched the fatal assault on Alex Arellano after the CPS student declined to admit that he was affiliated with a gang. Authorities allege that Macedo fled the city soon after.

Macedo was taken into custody in Mexico over the weekend by Mexican federal immigration officers working with the FBI. On Tuesday, he appeared in Cook County court on charges of murder and was ordered to remain in custody on $10 million bond.

The attack on Arellano occurred in 2009 when two individuals approached him on bicycles who asked him to “throw the crown up” and say that he was part of the Latin Kings, according to Assistant State’s Attorney John Maher. Arellano refused to do so and told them he was not part of any gang.

The FBI added Macedo to its Most Wanted List of fugitives back in May

Soon after, Macedo went looking for Arellano with a vehicle packed with fellow gang associates.

Macedo asked Arellano what gang he was part of and when he didn’t respond, Macedo hit him in the head with a bat, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The other members joined and started beating and kicking Arellano until he attempted to get up and run away. Alex fled to a gangway of a vacant house, but his attackers located him and continued to torture him.

One of the gang members, Jovanny Martinez, then pulled out a gun and opened fire on Alex once in the head. Martinez was arrested soon after when authorities noticed him trying to get rid of his weapon.

After Martinez’s arrest, Macedo organized a meeting of the local Latin Kings and ordered them to get rid of the body, which police later discovered in the gangway where he was killed. The body had been soaked in gasoline and burned to hide evidence.

Four others, including Martinez, have since been found guilty in connection with Alex’s killing, but police believe Macedo left the city not long after Alex was killed. He was placed on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list in 2016.

Macedo’s lawyer, Assistant Public Defender Chandra Smith, said Macedo has three children and had been working in a barber shop before he was arrested, and was “trying to live his life away from gangs,” she stated.

Macedo was ordered to remain in custody in lieu of $10 million bail by Judge James Brown, who referenced “the horrific circumstances under which the victim was slaughtered.”

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