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Video captures hitman moving little girl out of the way before shooting victim

September 19, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Video captures hitman moving little girl out of the way before shooting victim

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Surveillance footage, which shows a purported hitman in Maracaibo, Venezuela, pushing a little girl out of harms way before he shot his target, has gone viral on the internet

In the surveillance footage, the man walking into an eatery and pushes a wandering child aside.

The armed suspect enters the room, pulls out his firearm and shoots a man, who is seated at a table, four times at close range. The victim is seen collapsing to the floor.

It is alleged that the victim is 34-year-old Climaco Segundo Uriana, according to Notciaaldia.

Terrified patrons and restaurant staff can be seen hiding in the corner before the gunman flees.

The footage, which was has been widely shared on social media, garnered a range of responses.

A few couldn’t help but make jokes, with many calling the gunman “the caring hitman” and “the gentleman killer.”

“It’s the little things that tell you the most,” one person on Reddit stated.

“An assassin with compassion,” another user joked.

Others were utterly perplexed.

The  video shows the hitman moving the little girl out harms way before targeting his victim

“I’m confused emotionally by this,” one user admitted.

A few were repulsed by the gunman and didn’t think the fact he pushed aside the child meant much.

“I don’t think he was thoughtful,” one person said. “She was standing, and he needed to get through. I wouldn’t expect him to push the kid into the room he was about to murder in.”

It’s not the first time a criminal has confused many in such a way.

In 2015, surveillance footage recorded a handcuffed teen in Florida saving the life of a cop who was having a heart attack.

The hitman then opens fire on his intended target at close range

Jamal Rutledge, 17, was taken into custody for allegedly violating his burglary and mischief probation when Franklin Foulks collapsed at a gas station.

Rutledge shouted and kicked security doors to attract the attention of the other cops so they could help.

They used a defibrillator to attempt to restart Foulks’ heart.

Paramedics came and took the man to the hospital. Foulks recovered fully and planned to return to duty.

Doctors later said Rutledge’s quick thinking had saved the man’s life.

A ceremony was held to praise the teen.

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