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Mexican Marines arrest top Zetas leader in Tamaulipas, kill two senior bosses in Veracruz

October 1, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican Marines arrest top Zetas leader in Tamaulipas, kill two senior bosses in Veracruz

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Mexico’s battle-hardened marines struck major blows in consecutive days against the Zetas criminal organization with the arrest of the group’s leader in Tamaulipas and the killing of two senior bosses in Veracruz during two separate operations earlier this week.

The Attorney General’s Office said the three criminal leaders were among the most want men in Mexico.

The Tamaulipas Coordination Group, the agency responsible for security in the state, announced the arrest of Daniel “N” during an operation in Matamoros on Wednesday.

Officials said Daniel “N” is one of the top 60 priority objectives wanted by the Mexican government and main generators of violence in Tamaulipas.

“The actions of the members of the Armed Navy of Mexico led to the detention of Daniel “N” today, alias “El Arqui” or “El Guasón”, designated as one of the main leaders of a criminal group operating in Ciudad Victoria, Güém, and Nuevo Padilla.

“El Arqui”, was one of the 60 priority objectives in Tamaulipas. Photo: Special

Law enforcement officials said the Zetas boss oversaw criminal operations including drug trafficking and extortion in the region and is responsible for a wave of kidnappings, and executions in the Tamaulipas state, Proceso reported.

Moreover, Daniel “N” was behind the recent attacks, which killed several state and ministerial police officials.

Authorities said the detainee was placed at the disposal of the Mexican Attorney General’s Office and immediately transferred to Mexico City due to the increased threat posed by keeping him held in Tamaulipas.

Meanwhile, Veracruz officials said Mexican marines killed two top leaders of the Zetas during an operation on Thursday in Tecamachalco, Puebla.

The Veracruz Attorney General’s Office confirmed the deaths of Pablo Arcenio “N”, alias “El Chaparro,” the presumed head of a violent Zetas faction known as “La 35 Z” operating in Veracruz and Puebla along with the group’s top assassin identified as Rosendo “N”, alias “El Compadre.”

Pablo Arcenio, “El Chaparro”, alleged narco-trafficker and leader of the Zetas in Veracruz. Photo: Special

Authorities said the two men were among the main generators of violence in Veracruz and Puebla.

According to El Debate, Pablo Arcenio was the reputed plaza boss who oversaw criminal operations including drug trafficking, extortion, and fuel theft stretching from the Veracruz municipalities of Orizaba, Nogales, Córdoba, Fort de las Flores, and Río Blanco, into Tehuacán, Puebla.

Officials said the operation was part of an overall effort to dismantle criminal drug gangs in this area of Puebla.

Moreover, the AG’s Office said, “El Compadre” participated in April’s kidnapping and execution of two municipal police officers and a member of the Mexican military in Tlacotepec de Benito Juárez, Puebla.

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