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Woman filming fight with neighbor fatally gunned down

October 4, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Woman filming fight with neighbor fatally gunned down

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A Brazilian woman recorded her own death allegedly at the hands of her neighbor.

According to the Sun, 22-year-old Willyene Mathais, was filming a heated confrontation between herself and the man living next door on September 23rd, in Santana de Cataguases, southeast Brazil, when she was shot twice in the face.

Mathais was using her phone to record the encounter when the 40-year-old suspect she referred to as Juliano, allegedly lifts up his t-shirt, pulls a gun from his trouser waistband and fires at the woman at point blank range.

The argument apparently started after the man accused the victim of gossiping about him.

Local media outlets reported that the pair also reportedly had an argument over an earlier disagreement between their children.

Willyene filmed the encounter to prove to her husband she was being insulted and wrongly accused by the man.

However, the incident quickly spirals after the man appears to lose his temper and brandishes a weapon.

Realizing the argument has turned deadly, Willyene could be heard reacting with horror and crying: “No Juliano, I’m not playing this game,” before her life is cut short.

Two shots ring out and the phone clatters to the ground amid terrifying screams as it records footage of her own dying moments.

The suspect curses loudly and tells his dying victim “Now you’re going to hell, you demon.” before fleeing the scene.

An unidentified female could be seen coming to the aide to the mortally wounded woman and screaming for help.

Willyene succumbed to her injuries shortly after arriving at a Cataguases Hospital.

Brazilian Police arrested the suspect and recovered the gun and ammunition used in the woman’s slaying.

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