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Gang spent four months digging 500m tunnel in largest bank heist in the globe.

October 6, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Gang spent four months digging 500m tunnel in largest bank heist in the globe.

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The “biggest bank heist in the world” was busted after authorities arrested a gang member who spent four months tunneling into a vault in the Bank of Brazil to rob over $300 million.

Sixteen men have been taken into custody after police learned about the 500 meter-long tunnel spanning beneath the streets in the southern part of Sao Paulo.

Officers had been conducting surveillance on the gang but were forced to move in on September 27th when the tunnel’s construction was completed, as per the Daily Mail.

The roof of the 550-yard-long tunnel is propped up with iron bars and wooden planks

If the bank heist would have been successfully carried out, it would have been the biggest robbery in history.

The gang did not gain access to the vault but did make it into the safe’s shell.

If successful, the criminals would have walked away with $317 million (£240m).

Lead investigator Fábio Pinheiro Lopes said on Monday: “The gang’s investment was in the range of 4 million (US$1.27 million), they said, each of the participants put in 200,000 (US$6,340) and their estimate was to take 1 billion real (US$317 million).

Police had spent two months monitoring the group, and it was the completion of the tunnel that sparked the arrests of 16 members of the gang

It would have been the biggest in the world.”

Lopes verified that “almost everyone” had been busted.

The men had used wood and iron bars to support the tunnel, which was large enough for an adult to stand up in.

The tunnel originated under a rented house near Chácara Santo Antonio which was equipped with food and tools.

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